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About Garybrodsky.com

foundation solid

Without a solid foundation you aren’t getting anywhere

 We  are merely providing the knowledge that makes all sorts of options   possible. Whether you simply crave understanding of how relationships   are formed between men and women or 

having fun

The secrets of talking to women

  • What to say and what not to say
  • When to stop talking
  • What to talk about and why it works
  • A reminder: Why you are talking to women-how to talk about what they are interested in
  • Talk slowly-- women respond hypnotically when a man paces his words
  • Make eye contact like a mental patient when you talk

ask you

GARY BRODSKY dares to ask you,


  •  "Can you be honest enough to admit that you're not where you want to be yet?
  •  "Do you want to keep going at the rate you're going, using trial   and error, hoping that maybe one day everything will turn out okay?
  •  "Or do you want to know what really works to get everything you really want?
  •  "When it comes to succeeding in all of life's endeavors, hope is not an option."