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Ever since I became aware that pimps existed, I’ve always been fascinated by them! Think about it-- how a man could have sexy women worship him and pay him all the money they made from sleeping with other men was a mystery to me. Over the last decade I’ve studied pimping and it’s given me some massive insights on life and women. I think these insights
can miraculously change your life for the better, and you can discover exactly how at this unique, life-changing Audio!
In other words, I will explain to you what Pimps know about women that you don't know, and no it doesn't even involve ANYTHING illegal. It's all really a Mind Game, and I can show you how to play it! But more importantly, let me tell you what Thinking Like a Pimp can do for you:
    * You'll be able to get anyone to do anything for you! Just think about that!
    * Your leadership skills will vastly increase! If you're the lowest man on the
totem pole at work, get ready to zoom to the top! And reap all the rewards
that brings!
    * No longer will you have to work and slave for one ungrateful woman! You'll
have as many women as you desire-- and they won't mind at all! They'll be thankful that you want them at all!
    *There'll be no limits to what you'll be able to get out of life! People will want
to do anything to be on your good side!
    *And that's just the tip of the iceberg!
Let me give you one insight as an excellent example of what I'm talking about. It's all about becoming someone anyone can respect.

The prostitutes thought that the majority of the men, known as Johns, that they encountered were too easy to push around.


Every day these prostitutes heard their Johns whining-- about THEIR women whining! These men were working hard to pay for these women to bitch about them. It's true-- these men would support their wives or girlfriends, completely take care of them-- and what would they get for all their hard work and effort? Bitching bitches!

No wonder they pay whores to just be with them. The prostitutes said that most men needed to know what the pimps knew.

Unless you want to be a hopeless ho-chaser, you need to be a leader, which is what a Pimp really is!

Don't believe me? Take this simple test: 

Ask your wife or girlfriend to give you all of their money, with no questions asked. If she refuses, you're not a real leader. 

I’m not telling you to abuse or exploit women. Quite the opposite! I will teach you how to treat them well, but you'll put yourself first! You need to have the mentality of a leader. As a man it’s your job to lead. There is no such thing as equality in relationships, only a leader and a follower, you need to be that leader or else she will take on that role!
Still not convinced? Then answer these questions honestly:
Does your girlfriend tell you what to do? 

Does your life revolve around your girlfriend's agenda of social events and ideas? 
Does your wife work you to death so she can stay at
home and spend your money? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then ask yourself-- in your relationship, who is the Pimp and who is the Ho? (Hint-- She's NOT the Ho!)

As crazy as it may sound, Pimps have mastered the Art of True Leadership! The kind that inspires intense loyalty, and gets people to do whatever you want!

Also,a deep understanding of the pimp game will give you a razor sharp picture of how the world and male/female relationships work. 


I want to make it clear though that I’m not condoning pimping or the exploitation of women in any way. This Webinar is about the nature of the world and the nature of women, not about how to become a pimp.

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