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The War on the American Male

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The War on the American Male - The Audio

Hosted by Gary Brodsky and Major Divinicus - United States Air Force Intelligence

Why you need to get the government out of your testicles

Can You Handle the Truth?!

I had to do this POWERFUL AUDIO, just to get the truth out there! Get a front row seat to what's really going on.

Mass Hypnosis, Mass Emasculation, Mass Feminization - It's all happening

Learn how things like Homosexual Marriage, Gun Control, Government Health Care and even the Anti-Bullying Campaign are all designed to strip men of their manhood and create a gender neutral society of freaks that are dependent and obedient to the government elite.

Prepare to be shocked! It all starts coming out, all the facts about why it is vital for your survival and take back your manhood, all the secrets you need to know.

Major Divinicus, U.S.A.F Intelligence, and I will hit you with facts and the frightening reality that will wake you up and scare the crap out of you.

We'll explain on the attack on gender and how it is a effecting everyone. We'll tell you how and exactly what to do to avoid this happening to you!

We'll explain how they have programmed you to think and act. We'll show you how to get your mind and your BALLS back!

We'll also reveal the secret of New Ops so powerful you better be prepared!

How to bring back super potency to men

The Plot to feminize Men

We'll reveal the shocking story of how they alienated men from women. You may not believe it now, but after we reveal the facts, you'll finally wake up and see what's right in front of you!

It's not too late! Even though they destroyed the emotions of the masses. We'll show you how to not be one the masses.

Don't be a slave to corporate minions - Get this now and you'll know what steps to take. Act now or you'll regret that you gave up your soul without a fight!

Listening to this audio may be the most important move you make.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Strength through knowledge,



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