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The Texting Game - If you are going to text do it right

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The Texting Game

Written and spoken by Gary Brodsky

Let’s be realistic texting sucks but it is here to stay, so instead of complaining lets us use texting as a new tool for seduction, romance, and control and of course – getting laid. The rules of texting are quite different than standard seduction, here is why. You are not there in person so you cannot use basic seduction moves like eye contact, smiles, voice intonation, touching etc.

Now let’s take this into account, there are probably billions of text messages sent every day I estimate less than one percent have any effect  at all except becoming some girls phone game, fool, or the jerk that keeps texting, of course she is entertained by this but I hope this is not your intention.

Being successful with women is becoming easier and easier for men.   Why?  Because communication through text messaging, emails, and SMS text messages has became such an integral part in everyday communication.   This is a gold mine for men.   It gives you time to compose the right message (which also improves your real world flirting) an added bonus.   You can also interact with more than one woman at once to increase your chances and build your confidence.   Most importantly, texting and text messages cut out all the attraction triggers that often times hurt your chances, such as clothes, smile, breath, hair, etc.   All you're left with are words and timing.  

Once you get the right words with the right timing, you can expect to have a ton of success with women.   And since most men fail at flirting in texting, you will stand out above the rest and you'll see a lot of women responding desirably to you.  

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