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The roots of the term game to describe guys who are good with women comes specifically from the SUPER GAME, many of today’s pick up artist tactics and phrases are just watered down game. Using the SUPER GAME, game represents everything in life; you can either play or get played depending on if you follow the rules of the SUPER GAME. In the game you’re a winner or a girl, a slave or a master, a boss or a worker. According THE SUPER GAME everyone games everyone in American society. Game represents self interest of the true Alpha Male.


The biggest secret about women revealed- you will want to kick yourself when you realize you could of had every woman you ever met.

Once you know the SUPER GAME not only can you lay any woman you meet, you can call any woman from the past or one's you screwed up with and get them too- Guaranteed.

This Audio will put you in the driver’s seat with women forever.


Let me just tell you what this Audio is about I have touched on it in my audio programs and books But never revealed the one secret that will literally change your life -Men can love women, women cannot love men. Loving men is not in their DNA, this is where almost all men go wrong all the time.


This has been researched not only from all ancient texts but from a lot of hidden psychological studies that they do not want you to know


How women really react, YOU WANT TO REALLY KNOW THIS!


They will love their children but they will never love you!


The secret you’ll find out here, is that although never love you they have a great need to be loyal and that need my friends is the key to all women, discover how to work that key every time- only here on this amazing Audio.


Think about this:

Women have left men and are doing it more so now to get a job, why? To be loyal to a boss

Women have left good families, loving parents, why?  To be loyal to a pimp.

Almost every animal on earth will kill you if you go near their young; bother their mate they don’t care


This is why, 99.9% of men will never know how to figure out women.


If you want to know why all your romancing goes wrong because in reality it just doesn’t work.


Discover the greatest secret and you will have anything you want from women.


If you can live with the fact that women will never love you, you can have them all.

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