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The Science of Love - Audio Program

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The Science of Love 

If you want to know the science of romance - you need this audio.

Presented by researcher Steven Horne RH(AHG) with Gary Brodsky

Know the Scientific Facts to Get Any Woman to Fall in Love with You


Finally all questions answered- all problems solved- Know the Science of Lust and Love.

Not only will you get the girl of your dreams, but if you want to keep her, you'll find out how-- in a way that will keep her from making you insane!

Have you ever noticed that you can be getting along fine with a woman before you have sex with her, but once your relationship becomes sexual, it suddenly becomes filled with drama? 

Have you ever been intensely interested in a woman, but after being intimate you felt like you wanted to bolt—to get away from her as fast as you could.

Perhaps you’ve had the most wonderful and romantic moment with someone; but the next day she started being overly demanding.

There’s a completely rational explanation for why this happens and it has to do with biology and the chemical messengers in your brain called neurotransmitters. In this Audio we’ll discuss why this happens.

We’ll also talk about what you can do if you want a more stable, loving and intimate relationship that won’t get so dramatic. And, the solution will blow your mind! In fact, you may have a hard time believing it.

Of course, if you’re happy with one-night stands and short-term hookups, then you can ignore the solution, but at least you’ll understand why your relationships don’t last. Join us for a most enlightening discussion about love, biology, and neurotransmitters.

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