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The Not for Wimps Audio Program

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The Not-for-Wimps Audio Program

Warning this Audio contains strong language,  real head games being played on women, women crying, women having orgasms all on this program.

This Audio is so powerful so Alpha, just the way men used to be. This is a shocking audio that will shock you back to reality, the forgotten reality of the power of real ALPHA MALES and ALPHA ATTITUDE!

You will be able to here the results as women break down and surrender to true ALPHA ATTITUDE, if you are over sensitive (wimpy) this may be too much to handle. But if you want women crying for you, begging to be with you then do not pass up this AUDIO.

Gary Brodsky, the man who simply may be the world's leading authority on scoring with women, but riding shotgun with him for this no-holds-barred, over-the-top getting laid lecture is none other than Steve "the Dean" Williams. The Dean is known from coast to coast as "the scariest man in America." His style is raucous, deadly, and spot-on correct in all matters concerning getting yourself ready for the battle of the sexes.

This is the ultimate AUDIO on the subject of manning up. It will absolutely give you every one of the tools and techniques you need to accurately gauge your potential as a man, and to fine tune your approach. No matter whom you are, or how well you're doing with the ladies ... you need to hear what these guys have to say. And remember--

If you can’t take what they're are going to be dishing out to you, the advice they have to help you man up before it's too late ... you will never survive any encounter with today's women ... at least, not with any of them worth having.

Do it now--

Learn how to meet, date and seduce women--the only way you need to learn ... the best way--the way that works!

And, trust us, not only will you learn how to get women, but Gary and Steve will teach you how to keep the hottest of them coming back for more--time and time again--all without the use of any tricks and gimmicks.

And guys do understand - we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here. Hell, the guys that invented the wheel had it easy. All they had to do was knock a gal over the head and it was backdoor city. No, you've got to tackle women in a world completely and utterly designed to cut them every advantage.

Well, Gary and Steve have got some advantages to share with you. They're not going to reinvent the wheel. What they're offering to do is reinvent you, and if you have the guts to join them, they will give you every tool you need to get everything you want.

This is no night of fun and games. This is hardcore training. The gloves are off. You are being offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Gary Brodsky and Steve Williams on the same stage, passing out all the truth these is, hitting you hard in every way you need to make you what you were born to be--A true Ultra Alpha.

There simply are NO excuses for not ordering this:

So, do yourself, and every woman you will ever meet for the rest of your life, a favor.

Man up. With Brodsky and Williams.


You will never have a better chance to make your life the paradise it was meant to be! 



PricePaid Subscriber Price
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