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The Essential Magic Rituals

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The Essential Magic Rituals

From the beginning of recorded history the elites, the controllers, the owners of the world, have certain rituals that have kept them in power and in control of everything since recorded time. I know these rituals, I have taught them with great success.

At one time the elite wanted these rituals kept secret.  Now they don’t care, why? Because they think everyone is too stupid, too brainwashed and too dumbed down to know or be able to use these rituals properly or effectively.

Covered are simple rituals but in great detail.  Very, very great detail.  

THE WATER RITUAL - possibly one of the most powerful unknown rituals it has been proven by MD’s scientists and researchers, this is now scientifically proven to work. 

THE MOON RITUAL -   how to work it completely right for money, seduction, power etc.

THE PEN TO PAPER- how to write your own ticket to you own future ritual, discovered by Napoleon Hill and how all the wealthiest people on earth ALL did and still do. Here revealed the hidden works of Napoleon Hill, the works he was forbidden to tell is here in this Audio.

Also included in to how to change your vibration because all life is vibration. You can change your life by changing your vibration.

The essential but very POWERFUL rituals are covered in great detail. 

In your service,


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