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The Art of Getting Even for Sociopaths - the Funniest Book Ever Written

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The Art of Getting Even for Sociopaths - the funniest book ever written

With the Bonus Section on 100 Reasons Why I Hate Lawyers
Gary Brodsky
Warning this book is so funny no one can read this without laughing
Don't Get Mad... Get EVEN!
Gary Brodsky has written the best damn "get even" book ever: "The Art of Getting Even for Sociopaths​". You'll discover how simple and easy it is (not to mention fun) to take your sweet revenge on all the miscreants who've been torturing you. With "The Art of Getting Even for Sociopaths" it's no more Mr. Nice Guy!
Just as David had his slingshot to slay Goliath, you'll have Gary Brodsky, the master of revenge, to guide you against the slings and arrows of outrageous beaurocrats and desk jockeys. This do-it-yourself justice manual will show you step-by-step such dirty tricks as:
  • The Diamond Studded Revenge
  • Drug Store Drama
  • Drive-Up Banking Surprise
  • The Old Beer Blast Maneuver
  • The Parking Violation Violation
And many, many more! In this book, you'll find more ways to torment and torture your enemies than anywhere else! And we're not talking kid stuff here! You won't find old chestnuts like the pizza delivery gag or phony magazine subscription stunts! No, no, no!
If you're tired of taking crap day after day from jerks that have nothing better to do than make your life miserable "The Art of Getting Even" is the book for you. You'll find such a vast array of revenge tactics that you'll be able to choose just the right scheme to suit your tormentor!
The Art of Getting Even for Sociopaths is the most efficient and effective techniques of do-it-yourself justice!

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