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The Art of Being Great

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The Art of Being Great

From: Vern S. Cherewatenko, MD, MEd

It has been three long years since I met Gary Brodsky and was introduced to his Act As If CD Series (Act As If and How To Act As If) and The Science of Being Great. Unfortunately for me, I waited most off this time hearing but not really implementing what he laid out so simply. About three months ago, I was so sick and tired of going around the same circles, I took them out again, listened to them and decided – what the heck, I would give it a try. I didn’t just hear the words this time, I really began to Act As If and follow The Art of Being Great. I believed with conviction that I would rid myself of toxic people and toxic employees around me that didn’t have my best interests at heart.

I believed without conviction that I would regain the power and status I had that guided my business decisions and provided me with the cutting edge leadership that facilitated me to grow a multi-million dollar company in short order. There was no room for anything other that knowing my world was changing for the better and I would be soon reaping the benefits of years and years of labor.

I have always been a die hard romantic and over the last several years my love life which I value a great deal was non-existent. Hard as I tried – there was no-one there. Then an amazing thing happened just as Gary said it would. I acted as if I was prosperous and desired by candidates for wife hood and what happened on that single day at the end of May was exactly how Gary said things would happen. I had a long term employee quit and within 90 minutes my life transformed right before my eyes.

Two weeks earlier I saw myself with a woman who was nurturing, caring, tender and most of all Kind. She was everything I had ever wanted in a woman and so, so much more. When I met her – she seemed like an angel summoned by the Universe to fulfill Gary’s promise that you only need to ask and you will receive. We connected immediately and instantly my entire personality began to return to the strong and confident doctor I had been years earlier. The sky got brighter, the patients began coming in more regularly and my energy seemed to get more vibrant by the minute! I literally felt that I was returning to the top of the mountain rather than the bottom.

As a physician who has written about stress and its impact on people, places and things – I reference Act As If on a daily basis. The series of CD’s and e-books is ‘required reading’ for my patients having difficulty with relationship’s whether it be on a interpersonal level or in the workplace. People in our culture have begun to lose the inherent fire within them to do great things. They are giving up on themselves and there is nothing more unattractive to others than this. I need to Act As If, and apply the principles of The Art of Being Great and continue to Act As If whilst adhering to The Art of Being Great to summon the forces of the universe to bring us what we deserve. I highly recommend this series to you too, and I am sure you will have a very similar experience as soon as you implement the plan for yourself.

No longer will you find yourself suffering endlessly - you will begin to enjoy what traditionally you have only “hoped for.” When I began to really live like I wanted to life and follow the Act As If principles & The Art of Being Great  – my life began to unfold just as I knew it would. Act as if and it will be done unto you as you believe… I can testify that this is true for me and so it shall be with you. Do not hesitate any longer, order the series today! PS:  Doctor’s Orders!!

Vern S. Cherewatenko, MD, MEd
Amen Clinic
Director of Functional Medicine

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