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The Alpha Male Guidebook

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The Alpha Male Guidebook

The concept of the "Alpha Male" is perhaps the most diluted and misrepresented idea out there today. The media has tricked the public into believing that the idea of an "Alpha Male" is an archaic and out-dated concept. This is simply not true. Gary Brodsky and Vern Cherewatenko lend their insight into this epidemic. The result of their collaboration:"The Alpha Male Guidebook."

Simply put, what is an Alpha Male?

Well, Gary wholeheartedly believes tha, contrary to popular belief, the Alpha Male is not the beer swilling, crude frat boy who thinks that women only exist to fetch him a beer and give him sex.

That's what popular culture would like you to believe, but it is not the case, plain and simple.

An Alpha Male exemplifies the ideals of all the great men of history--honor, virtue and above all else, self-esteem. From the code of the Samurai to the tales of the Old West, what made men "men" was the standard they held themselves to-one of discipline, self-confidence and self-respect. These were men of unwavering character, men who made a positive impact on those around them, and is it any coincidence that Alpha Males were successful in every area of life? No.

And now their secrets can be yours.

How will this improve your life? Easy.

  • Your confidence with women will skyrocket.
  • Your friends will look up to you.
  • Your business ventures will exceed your wildest dreams.
  • Your health and physical well-being will dramatically improve


You will now possess the mindset of a winner and you will now view yourself as a winner, no matter what situation you are in.

  • You will be winner with women.
  • You will be a winner in whatever business venture you choose.
  • You will be a winner in life.

All you have to do is say "Yes" to becoming an alpha male. Give your friends and family someone they can depend on and look up to. Give the women in your life someone they are happy to be with. Give your community and the world at large someone they know they can count on.

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