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Secrets of Being a Gigolo Ebook

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Secrets of Being a Gigolo Ebook

After reading this book you will know everything about women – everything.

I, Gary Brodsky was a gigolo! And what you will learn here you will learn nowhere else, ever.

You got it right a gigolo. I had women paying me for love, sex, romance and fun, and so can any man with a few tips. I'm not kidding. In the mid eighties to the early nineties, women, rich, sexy women paid me to have sex with them. The times are better today than ever before. What these women taught me about women you will never learn from anyone else, anywhere!

What Will Work on Clients will work on Any Woman.

I never went public with this information before, but now I'm finally breaking loose and I'm willing to teach you HOW TO BE A GIGOLO in my E-Book. I'll put you on the path to the greatest life-style money can buy, and the best part of your new lifestyle is that you won't pay for it. Your rich clients will gladly pay for you.

When I was a gigolo I took cash, checks and credit cards. Today you can even take PayPal! And, even if you decide you don't want to get paid for sex, and you want to give it away for free “Secrets of Being a Gigolo” will teach you so much about women from a completely unique perspective. You will virtually have no competition from other men because only a handful of men know what I am going to teach you.

And while I'd like to take all the credit for the techniques included in the book, many were taught to me by a woman who trained men to be high priced gigolos. As you will find out when you read the book, it was Barbara who taught me how to build my clientele to not only include sophisticated, wealthy women, but strippers and female escorts, experts at this stuff who were used to charging men like us for their own services.

Let my clients tell you how they met me, and why they retained my services over the years.

The stories are tried and true and they are incredible. After reading my book you too will have your own incredible stories and I hope you‘ll share them with me!

Imagine a life-style where pretty, rich, and lonely women buy you things, co-sign loans, give you cash, checks, cars, whatever you want. Think about it. Most guys work so they can get laid. Getting laid was my work and the money was pure profit.

You have to admit, its one hell of a lifestyle. I lived it. I know!

Today’s climate is perfect for your Gigolo business. Did you ever notice how many lonely women are out there? Well, there are tons of them, hot ones that don't want real relationships, unhappily married ones, or those busy with careers – and they are all potential clients.

This is the only book available that teaches you about the hidden world of women, money and sex that most men know nothing about. You will find out that it is a lot easier than you think.

Included are real client testimonials “in their own words”.

If you want to know all about women, this book will blow your mind!

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