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Secrets about being a Gigolo

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You will never learn as much about women as you will on this audio program.

Written by Gary Brodsky & read by Angelina J.
Audio Program, 4 Hours

If you don't think you'll benefit from this audio program just check out the sound clips.

You probably know by now that I, Gary Brodsky, was a gigolo.


A lot of men have misconception about what a Gigolo is – and I can tell you, it's not just about sex. It is about the romance and excitement that is missing in so many beautiful women's lives that they are willing to pay to get it.


Before I tell you all about this amazing, brand new, never before revealed audio set - you must know this: This gem of an audio program is based on interviews with a wide variety of amazing women, some former clients as well as Gary's true experiences.


Even if you have NO DESIRE to be a gigolo - every bit of information in this audio will help you date as many women as you can handle.

You see, a gigolo is the ultimate Alpha Male - and every characteristic I teach you will help you transform into the Alpha Man women love and fall for.


YOU decide if she's a client or not, you will uncover secrets of why and what women are missing from most of today's men.


A gigolo is the ultimate man, and beautiful, lonely, well-to-do women will pay handsomely for your company.


Outside of charging your clients, every other piece of powerful information in this set is pure gold that any man can use right away. For example: Revealed in this audio set is my most complete and detailed dissection of body language EVER. You will get the basics, the Alpha Body language, and how to interpret even the slightest move from any woman's body language. Every man - regardless of his "career" direction should be a master of this information.


You got it right a gigolo. I had women paying me for sex and fun. And you can too – I'm not kidding.


In the mid eighties to the early nineties rich, sexy women paid me to have sex with them. What they taught me about women you will never learn from anyone else - and now I've gone public with this information so that any man can benefit. I will teach you exactly What Will Work On Any Woman.


I'm finally breaking loose and I'm willing to teach you HOW TO BE A GIGOLO in this audio program.


I'll put you on the path to the greatest life-style money can buy...and the best part of your new lifestyle is that you won't pay for it.


Your rich clients will gladly pay for you. All this and much, much more!


When I was a gigolo I took cash, checks and credit cards. Today you can even take PayPal! And, even if you decide you don't want to get paid for sex, and you want to give it away for free “How to be a Gigolo” will teach you so much about women from a completely unique perspective. You will virtually have no competition from other men because only a handful of men know what I am going to teach you.


The stories are tried and true and they are incredible. Several women who know me and have hired me give testimonials and insight - all read by a rather famous former client of mine I had on a string for almost 5 years.


After listening you too will have the most detailed, step-by-step guide to starting your own business - and you'll have your own incredible stories (and I hope you‘ll share them with me!)


Imagine a life-style where pretty, rich, and lonely women buy you things, co-sign loans, give you cash, checks, cars, whatever you want.


Think about it. Most guys work so they can get laid. Getting laid will be your work! And the money is pure profit - because all it takes to start in this business is a decision. And the right experienced coach.


You have to admit, its one hell of a lifestyle. I lived it. I know!


This Audio program includes interviews with clients, and a look into the mind of women- all women.


Today's climate is perfect for your Gigolo business. Did you ever notice how many lonely women are out there? Well, there are tons of them, hot ones that don't want real relationships, unhappily married ones, or those busy with careers - and they are all potential clients. Women live longer than men outnumber us two-to-one, and with the climate of divorce there are more single women than ever.


This is the only audio available that teaches you about the hidden world of women, money and sex that most men know nothing about. And it is easier than you think.


I'm not joking around - you can have a life style others only dare to dream about.


Order immediately and have the time of your life - money, no worries, and all the women you will ever want.


This material is all new - brand new - and written by me, Gary Brodsky, and spoken by, Angelina.


Don't delay – This one will change the way you think about women forever!


Mistakes are much more expensive than you'll every pay for this audio program.

This amazing audio program is well worth the price and more.

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