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MK66--If you ask they will do it

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MK66--If you ask they will do it

It’s all about winning!


It’s about walking into a room and asking for a million dollars and getting it.

It is the secret behind most billionaires How does a man take a job as CEO for only five hours and walk away with a 44 million dollar windfall? How do people ask for things and get them without any trouble--no matter what it is they're asking for? They do it because they have Unlimited Power. Runaway Success. The Ability to Conquer in all situations. These are the dreams of all men. To be able to command, to control every situation. To be the focus of all attention. All respect. All love.

How do some manage to reach this impossible state? And, moreover, why is it that it always seems to be the worst type of people to do so? Can you explain that?

I can.

It's because they know what I know. They know the secret of total control. Of liquid power. Of authority in a bottle. It's because they are privy to the most dangerous, highly guarded secret of the ages-- It's because they have MK66. It's because they have access to the most incredible, most perfectly engineered weapon's grade compellant known to man.

The secrets of this unbelievable controllant were distilled in the late 50s. They were carefully guarded by our government, used only for their purposes. Given only to their friends and allies. Now, however, MK66 has been freed from its bureaucratic handlers and is available for any and all of us to use. 

This odorless, invisible oil-based pheromone can compel anyone to do whatever you want. Read that statement again.

It can compel anyone to do whatever you want.


WARNING: Using MK66 is covert. The people you apply this to will not realize what you are doing. They will feel inclined to obey you, but they will not be able to explain why. We understand if this makes you feel uncomfortable.

But, what everyone has to understand is that this is a proven, overwhelming powerful agent, one that allows the user immediate access into the subconscious mind of someone else. It allows the user to form an instant rapport with others, to create more than a simple attraction, but an unbreakable bond which is why they will do whatever you want.


Just look at the facts:

Since the early sixties, whenever US Intelligence has wanted to send in a man or woman to take total control of any situation they have armed them with MK66. Why would women just sit and listen to singers like Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole only to then, in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, begin throwing their underwear on stage, and then following it up there themselves, attacking rock stars, mindlessly desperate to simply touch them?

The answer: select recording industry producers were given a weaker variant of MK66 by the government so its effect on mass groups could be studied. Most of the musicians themselves never knew what was happening. But, the record industry itself was at the time the third largest industry in America, and thus the perfect testing ground for MK66.


At the same time, tests code-named "Merad" were conducted. Several used car salesmen in random locations were given access to MK66. Within weeks their sales took astronomical leaps. In an era when most other salesmen were averaging no more that twelve to twenty thousand a year, those selected were doing millions of dollars in business at the same time.

Other tests were run. Jackson Pollack's agent was given access. Suddenly Pollack's ridiculous paintings were considered things of great genius by any critic or museum with whom his agent met.

There are a thousand stories beginning to surface, but they all point in the same direction--those in power have been shaping a world for their own use through the unstoppable power of MK66.


MK66 has guided the course of every presidential election since the mid-60s. It has shaped our laws and foreign policy. The reason the news is filled with stories of people doing things we simply can't understand is because these people are acting against their own will. They are being told what to do, and they are doing it gladly, all because of the power of MK66.

Now, this power is available to you. If you want it, all you have to do it use it.

Please, do not confuse this with MK17. MK17 is a tremendous product in its own right. Designed specifically to react to the pleasure centers of the mind, it is the greatest sexual attractant known to man.

However, MK66 hits differently it is about control and power. Once you begin using MK66, people will trust you--blindly. They will do what you say, whatever you say, and be happy to do so. Your desires will be those things they will need to fulfill. Your commands will be things they will physically need to complete as quickly as possible. As if they have become physically addicted to fulfilling your every wish.


Suddenly, you will be the one walking into a room and asking for a million dollars ... and getting it.


Do understand. With MK66 we are talking unlimited power. This is confidence in a bottle. This is the strongest, most compelling, most dynamic force you will ever find, and the last one you will ever need.


MK66 is about control, of having complete and utter domination over all before you. Of being able to demand total submissiveness from any and all you meet.

How do I test it, you ask?


The answer is simple. All you need do is put some on and ask anyone you want to do something. Anyone. Ask them for anything. Anything at all. They will do whatever you want. Immediately. Without question or hesitation.

It's just that simple.


Yes, MK66 is obviously the ultimate in granting powerful, seductive abilities to its users. But, it is so much more. Sure, MK66 can get someone a date. Can lead to sex and bedroom domination. Can bring infinite nights of pleasure and passion. But, that is the least of its abilities.

MK66 is far more than a love potion. It is the ultimate compellant. It is the most powerful force ever created. MK66 grants its user total control, places them in complete domination of any situation.


Those who dare to use it becomes leaders of men, kings of nations, masters of all they survey.

Be one of those men. Take charge of your life. Become the person in command of any situation. Get what you want--everything you want--the moment you want it. No more worries. No more doubt. Have the entire world at your fingertips for the rest of your life.

Use MK66.


And hold the world and all its people in the palm of your hand. Yours to command. To do with as you desire.


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