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For thousands of years the anointing of leaders with special oils has been a ritual that separated Kings, High Priests and the wealthiest and most powerful citizens from everyone else. 

In fact, commoners were actually put to death for the crime of duplicating the formulas of these special oils.

Let me remind you that John Ashcroft, the Attorney General under President Bush was anointed with oils when he ascended to that position.  This is not just ancient history or some ridiculous and meaningless tradition.  This is very real and has continued to this day only because it works!

What is MK 44?

MK 44 is an oil with a  slight fragrance but much more than that. It creates a vibrational field that makes people into leaders.

In any tribe, in any group, in any business -- there are leaders.

MK 44 is the same oil that the New World Order has been selling at ridiculous prices to people to create leaders of themselves and their mignons.


Since my involvement with Secret Societies and with the permission of my new partners (I hate to say it but they are members of the New World Order) They have agreed to allow me to make MK 44 available for a limited time.


Historically, the Roman bath houses of the Caesars, the pharaohs, and the Sultans of the Middle East had certain rituals that would give them the scent to create the vibration of leadership.


Those secrets did not die with the fall of the Roman Empire or Egypt -- they went underground.


Because of my connection to the New World Order, can make it available to you.


If you want to be a leader, command respect, be treated like a King (or Queen) in every situation, this is the stuff that does it.


People will naturally look up to you, you will have rock star status, and you will be perceived as royalty.


Because I am running a very small window on this before they close it down, i would suggest ordering as soon as possible.


Buy it here, we are the only people making it available.


We have  bottles in stock -- this stuff will go fast!

Available now at the amazing discounted price of 87.77

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