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We've all heard the expression "Money Magnet". Is it just a clever expression to describe
somebody who is lucky or even smart about making money or is there a more
literal meaning? Is there a substance that really attracts money?

Like most people, I was very skeptical and I just assumed such things were just a
myth or an expression that was not rooted in any truth. An associate of mine passed
along some research on a substance called MK33 - Also Known As "The Money Pheromone"

According to the research. MK33 has been used by the wealthy for decades and it can
virtually guarantee that wealth stays in that family for generations.

What the Study Said about MK33

In 100 volunteers in the Koppel-Anderson tests each worth half
a billion and higher all emanated the same vibration emitted by MK33

Late in 2010 MK17, the absolute, most powerful seduction aid of all
time was proving around the world that any man could have any woman he wanted.
At that time some of the scientists at both Kontral and at Bryant Hall--the two
institutes where MK17's effectiveness was proven beyond a shadow of a
doubt--decided to see what else it might be able to do. What they discovered was
to shake the scientific community to its very core!

Although their goals seemed like something out of science fiction,
both centers approached their research with exacting methodology. And, not only
were their results totally unexpected, but at first, they simply were not even

MK17 chemically stimulates the centers of the brain in charge of
certain chemical productions. Quite reasonably, these scientists decided since
they had been able to isolate those centers which could make men sexually
attractive, then why couldn't they make then financially attractive as

These teams labored for more than two years, working their way
through strain after strain until finally, they reached MK33, and total success.

Like MK17, MK33 is odorless, colorless and detectable only through
observation. Obviously it cannot turn one into a financial genius, correctly
picking stocks without any training. But, what it can do is just as amazing.
Unlocking similar centers of the brain, MK33 makes those around its users
exceedingly suggestible.

Suddenly, securing a bank loan becomes no problem at all. Walking
into a bar and finding someone willing to buy you a drink, take you out to
dinner, buy your property--whatever--becomes simply a part of everyday life.

During the testing stages, researchers at Kontral Experiments of
2008, researchers went on job interviews, presenting themselves as utterly
unqualified for the positions they wanted. Time and again, those that went in
without using MK33 were turned down almost immediately. But, those that went in
using MK33 were not only offered positions, but often better ones than those
they went in for. They were offered jobs over better qualified candidates. They
were routinely offered company cars, stock options, private offices, and all
manner of considerations.

At Bryant Hall, members of their control groups using MK33 became
wealthy within weeks, even without a business plan. Contractors, banks, retail
firms, suppliers, everyone involved in any venture was willing to extend them
credit, interest-free loans, reduced rates, anything to help them get their
businesses going. Zoning offices were willing to restructure entire
neighborhoods. Nothing was too good for those who went in armed with MK33.

Both centers were utterly staggered by the results. But repeated
experiments, if when intensely stricter controls were applied, rendered the same
amazing results. MK33 was a complete, unquestionable

MK33 is a revolutionary new advancement--one so frightening to the
established order that there are already talks in government circles of having
it limited. International banking firms, lending houses, mortgage companies,
refinancing institutes, all of them are running scared. Every Fortune 500
corporation is actively petitioning Washington to have MK33 withheld from the

MK33 is the one, truly supreme product that you've been waiting for.
It is the ultimate subjugator, the most intense, overwhelmingly powerful
suggestant of all time! A twelfth level enhanced pheromone, one capable of
causing a reaction within the brain chemistry of others that make them
absolutely pliant to the financial requests of others, it is the one thing you
need to finally get everything you've ever wanted!

Utterly fool-proof--it is absolutely the most effective, unbelievably
fantastic money magnet ever devised. But, there is no doubt it will be available
for a limited time only.

Already it has been banned from television and radio advertising.
Both the Bryant Hall and Kontral Institute have had their premises raided by
various agencies. Since there is nothing illegal or harmful about MK33, they
have not been able to enact a restriction, but rest assured--they'll find a

Before they do, you need to order your own supply of MK33. You need
to do it now, before it's too late, before your chance of ever knowing the
happiness of financial security is lost forever.

Order MK33--now. Right now!

And secure for yourself the life you've always wanted. The life you
deserve. Before it's stolen away from you.

Before it's too late.

I am Len frequent guest on Gary's shows and webinars, I used MK33 and had
a 32 million dollar pay day on a deal that should not have happened, I could go
on it works -Len

I am a good a friend of Gary's, I had asked him to borrow two hundred bucks, he
told me wait try this and ask people for loans if they don't give it to you Gary said he
would, I wound up raising $45,000 dollars from the same people who turned me
down and they are adamant about even letting me pay them back- Dave Heller -CT

I have all the women and money I want I just wonder what you'll come out with next- John H-



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