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Are you ready for it? This is the most tremendous advance of the new millennia. MK 17 has now merged with MK 17 Plus!

For years it was thought that MK 17 plus was merely a step forward from MK 17, but this thinking was wrong! Now, in a revolutionary scientific breakthrough, these two amazing products have been combined, and the results are truly incredible!

Advanced in every way possible–the totally new MK 17 Plus is absolutely the most powerful, weapons grade sexual attractant available today. What does this mean? It means you can now get whatever you want from anyone–anyone!

Never before has such a tremendous offer been made. Never before has it even been possible. Everyone assumed that once MK17 and MK17 Plus--each with their own specific, clearly defined capabilities, the proven, greatest, most highly effective compellants ever created–were rolled into one, new product, the end result would be devastatingly effective.

Well, those who thought this would be the result were right, but they had no idea how right they were!

The new MK17 Plus is the most incredible scientific discovery of the century. MK17 Plus is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most super-charged, most powerful aphrodisiac of all time!

Originally, this military grade sexual conquest compound was created for government operatives with only the highest clearance. It was never meant to be released to the general public. More than a love potion; it is the ultimate weapon in the war of the sexes.

This military grade seduction tool--odorless, colorless and detectable only through observation  causes women to become immediately infatuated. It turns any female on sexually so quickly that at first it was thought to have a hypnotic, or possibly even a supernatural effect.

During the Kontral Experiments of 2008, researchers were staggered by the results. Women turned down multiple chances to be with men they believed to be multi-millionaires to compete for poorly-dressed men they had been told were unemployed. In the Bryant Hall Experiments held two years later, even with stricter standards of observation being applied, the error margin registered even higher.

Nearly 100% of all the women in each control group found themselves unable to resist whichever male was sent into their midst wearing MK17. In every single experiment, the women could sense which male had been doused, no matter how small an application was made.

In both series of tests the women were not told the true nature of the research. Still, in every case, as soon as the MK17 male entered the room, every woman present found themselves entering a state of arousal. Every time--the test male was surrounded by women wanting to talk to him in under a minute. In most cases, less than 30 seconds!

Since these experiments--begun in the 1980s--started, no woman has been found who could resist MK17 completely. Repeated testing has shown that an absolute minimum of 97% of women will not only not be able to resist, but will fall into a state of total love and utter devotion to men they otherwise would have never looked at in a million years.

The original MK17 was the most effective sexual allurant ever created--by anyone--and no one but Gary Brodsky was willing to release it to the public. But, that was the past–

This is now!

And, now, the new MK17 Plus is here to satisfy your every sexual appetite or desire.

More than any mere sexual attractant you've ever heard of, beyond any device, pill, lotion or anything else you have ever seen that promised to bring you women and sex, this is the one, truly supreme product that you've been waiting for. This is the ultimate subjugator, the most intense, overwhelmingly powerful attractant of all time!

It is a tenth level enhanced pheromone, one capable of causing a reaction within a woman's brain chemistry flooding them with feelings of love and sexual need. It is the rampaging, boundless sex magnet everyone has always wished existed. Absolutely fool-proof--it is absolutely the most effective, unbelievably fantastic attractant ever devised.

With you use the new MK17 Plus, women will not simply be attracted to you--they will not merely notice you when you enter a room. No. with the new MK17 Plus, women will fall in love with you. They will find you irresistible--at once! You will not simply make eye contact with them; you will make servants out of them.

They will do whatever you ask. They will not only feel
compelled to agree with you, to serve you--to obey your every command; they will be unable to restrain themselves.

Caution: Due to the fact that, as you meet them, women will be treating you with instantaneous love, devotion and their undivided attention, you must not make the mistake of falling in love with them. Indeed, so many women will be coming at you at once that you will be in danger of losing sight of your own life. This has caused men to get married overnight, to stop going to work because they simply could not tear themselves away from the endless sex and love that had entered their lives.

The price for this amazing discovery is $ 167.00. This can be discounted for a very short time only. The new MK17 Plus, like its predecessors, was created by U.S. Intelligence, and is released to me through a special agreement. It was created by their labs that specialize in seduction science and therefore is the most powerful, weapons grade tool of its type ever devised. Each order needs to be custom made. This involves between three to five days of processing. MK17 cannot be mass produced, thus it's higher than normal price.

On the other hand, one bottle can easily last any man a minimum of a full year. A year of complete power over any woman. A full year or more of being able to destroy the decision-making process of any woman--of anyone at all--of turning off their ability to monitor their behavior. A full year of being able to have any woman you want. At any time. Under any conditions. Of being the center of all attention. If you want unlimited sex. If you want people to flock to you, to love you simply for showing up ... if you want everyone you meet to feel compelled to give you things--free meals, new cars--if you want everyone with whom you come into contact to totally trust and believe everything you say, then, the all new MK17 Plus is what you want!
There is nothing better than MK17, and there never will be.

Do yourself the greatest favor of all time and get it NOW! While you still can!
And here, need proof? Don't just believe us. Check out these testimonials from various MK17 test subjects and customers.

Check this out. I went with my family--with my family, no less--to this restaurant. Me with my wife and kids, eating dinner, and our waitress, this great-looking babe in her mid-twenties, she was flirting with me, making lots of eye contact, putting her hands on my neck and shoulders, laughing and coming on to me like crazy. Now, you would think my wife would get all bothered, but she didn't. This stuff is great. It grabs the women you want, and lets you keep right on getting more of them. What could be better? Nothing I know of. - Steven Hayes - Florida
I stopped in the local diner to get some breakfast, take-out; I had to grab it on the way to work. Anyway, when I was paying there was a woman in line behind me, maybe ten years older but still really hot. And I can't believe it, I wasn't even paying any attention to her, but she starts talking to me, joking around, and then she asked me what I ordered. Now, I had only splashed my MK17 on that morning for the first time, and I wasn't used to this. I told her what I got for breakfast, just being polite, and she wraps her hand around mind and she says that maybe she should go with me ... and when I asked her why, she said, "well, I could watch you eat. And then, maybe I could find something of my own to eat."

And yes, she was staring at just what you think she was staring at, and she went to me with my car, and she ate just what you think she did. This stuff is the best. - Canton Wilson - Redding PA
Wow--this cannot be a coincidence! This one woman, I'd only seen her once at the store, but I was using MK17 when I met her. She suggested we text, and I said sure. Why not--right? So like I'm only a couple blocks from the store, and she's texting me already. I pulled over and answered her, because this was too hot. I mean, she agreed to come to my house while we were texting. She didn't know anything about me, but she's offering to clean my apartment, cook me dinner ... just any excuse to get on the other side of my door. You bet I told her yes.

She came over that night, and she brought groceries, and a change of clothes! I told her where were the cleaning supplies and she said don't you have any? I am so glad you put that warning about falling in love in the ad because if this had happened before MK17, I would have just proposed right then. Now, I know that every night can be a new babe to take for a test drive. This is awesome. Glad and honored to test it for you. My life has never been better. Hell, nobody's life has ever been better than this! - Todd Reilly - AZ---------------------------------------

This product works it’s the best I've ever tried. I just would wear it to the office at first, safe environment, you know. But, after the attention I got there, I wear it everywhere now. I don't care--it gets me flirty looks from every girl I see. And if I stop walking or whatever, they come right over to me and start chatting me up. Hell, I don't know if this counts or not, but at work, even the guys seems to have changed around me. My boss, and any of the other sales reps, they all have begun to start paying me more attention and listening a lot more seriously to my ideas.

This all started after I started wearing MK17. I never really believed anything like this was possible, but I sure do now. - Carlos Rivera - Puerto Rico
The price on this was way more than I would have ever tried anywhere else, but all your products have worked for me in the past, so I thought what the hell and sent in my dough, and damn, I'm a believer. When it first came, I decided to wait and use it at my sister's wedding. My sister has always had the hottest friends and so I knew this would be a dynamite opportunity. It so was! I specifically wanted to try my luck at one of her bridesmaids, this one chick that used to basically just ignore me whenever I was around. Well, she won't be ignoring me no more. I not only scored with her---at the wedding--but with two other chicks as well! I will never use anything but MK17 from now on! - Paul Avery - Minnesota
Hey, you know how they say that some people are a lot more receptive to pheromones than others? Well, it's got to be true. I went to this electronics store near my house. There's this one girl there I've had my eye on for a long time. Well, she must be one of them, because she was on me right away. The wild thing is that they all will be if you give it some time. What I say is, anyone who doesn't hit with this or that girl at once, try it a few times, maybe over a few weeks if you can. I think some people can't pick up on pheromones scent right away. Of course, you could just grab up the ones who can't control themselves because, there's plenty of those around! Whatever someone wants from MK17, I have to say, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this stuff does everything you say and MORE. - Tony Franco - New York, NY
When I used to go out with the guys, it was always the same ... I'd just sit there, filled with envy at how they could pick up women left and right while I nursed a beer all night long. Well, that's over with. Ever since my MK17 arrived, girls everywhere--not just when I go to a bar or club or something, but everywhere--they are so incredibly more receptive to me, to my jokes, my moves, whatever. I have gotten laid four times in the last week alone! You are now talking to a guy with all the confidence he will ever need ever again. Thank you, Gary. - Dave Singer - Chicago IL

Okay, you say, that's what guys had to say about MK17. So what's so new about this MK17 Plus, and why would anyone ever need it if they had MK17? We are so glad you asked. Let us tell you--

MK17 Plus is all about sex. Getting sex and anything else you want from any woman you want. But MK17 Plus is about winning!

MK17 Plus is about getting whatever you want from anyone, at any time.

The new MK17 Plus is about walking into a room and asking for a million dollars and getting it.

It is the secret behind almost every single billionaire living today.

Ask yourself: how does a man take a job as CEO for only five hours and walk away with a 44 million dollar windfall? How do people ask for things and get them without any trouble--no matter what it is they're asking for?

They do it because they have Unlimited Power. Runaway Success. The Ability to Conquer in all situations. These are the dreams of all men. To be able to command, to control every situation. To be the focus of all attention. All respect. All love.

How do some manage to reach this impossible state? And, moreover, why is it that it always seems to be the worst type of people to do so? Can you explain that?

I can.


It's because they know what I know. They know the secret of total control. Of liquid power. Of authority in a bottle. It's because they are privy to the most dangerous, highly guarded secret of the ages--


It's because they have the all new MK17 Plus, the most incredible, most perfectly engineered weapon's grade compellant known to man.

Understand what we’re saying–this odorless, invisible oil-based pheromone can compel anyone to do whatever you want. Read that statement again. It can compel anyone to do whatever you want. The people you expose to this compellant will not realize what you are doing. They will feel inclined to obey you, but they will not be able to explain why.


The all new MK17 Plus is an overwhelming powerful agent, one that allows the user immediate access into the subconscious mind of someone else. It allows the user to form an instant rapport with others, to create not merely a simple attraction, but an unbreakable bond which is why they will do whatever you want.

The new MK17 Plus is destined to be everything Mk17 was and far more. Already the worlds major CEOs, politicians and rock stars are all placing their orders, buying up
all of the new stock as soon as it comes available. Why, you ask? Because they remember.


The original MK17 guided the course of every presidential election since the mid-60s. It has shaped our laws and foreign policy. It shaped every major business deal and world decision. It did it before, and it’s going to do so again. And now, this power is available to you. If you want it, all you have to do it use it.

And trust us, once you use it, you will never go back. Once you begin using MK17 Plus, people will trust you--blindly. They will do whatever you say, and be happy to do so. Your desires will be those things they will need to fulfill. Your commands will be things they will physically need to complete as quickly as possible. As if they have become physically addicted to fulfilling your every wish.

Suddenly, you will be the one walking into a room and asking for a million dollars ... and getting it.

Do understand. With MK17 Plus we are talking unlimited power. This is confidence in a bottle. This is the strongest, most compelling, most dynamic force you will ever find--it is about control, of having complete and utter domination over all before you. Of being able to demand total submissiveness from any and all you meet.


It is the ultimate compellant, the most powerful force ever created, granting its user total control, places them in complete domination of any situation. Those who dare to use it becomes leaders of men, kings of nations, masters of all they survey.

The new MK17 Plus is the ultimate aphrodisiac and the maximum compellant.


Bringing it into your life will do nothing but bring you spell happiness, success and power. It will put you in command of your fate in ways you have never imagined!

You will become, in short, an unstoppable juggernaut, one that not only can no woman resist, but no man,

either. No one at all!


Anything you want, any favor, any demand, any request ... from anyone at all. It's yours! Instantly. Immediately. Whatever you want, from whomever you want it.

We cannot stress this enough. You've seen the people who have it all, who can get anything and get away with anything your whole life.

Presidents and CEOs who are obviously lying, and yet
cannot be taken down. Who can turn an entire room of enemies to their side with just a few words. These men have the power. Now, you can be one of them as well.


Do it. Be one of those men. Take charge of your life. Become the person in command of any situation. Get what you want--everything you want--everything you have ever wanted in your entire life!
Your moment is now! Take it. Take what want it. Anything you want.


Do it now, with no fear, with no worries. With no more doubt–ever again.

Have the entire world at your fingertips for the rest of your life.

Have whatever you want, whenever you want it, forever.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is the greatest new of the modern age. This is, without question, the greatest opportunity of your entire life!

Simply chose to invest in the revolutionary new MK17 Plus, and hold the world and all its people in the palm of your hand.


Think of it ... just think of it ... the entire world, all of its men and women, yours to control. Yours to command.

To do with as you desire. Forever.






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