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Mind Control: Seduction & Beyond

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Mind Control:  Seduction & Beyond

Mind Control - What is it good for?  Everything!

This is by far the most powerful Book that will ever cross your path.

It is compiled mind control techniques that are powerful, frightening and deadly effective.

This type of mind control is used to take over countries, businesses and give you control over any woman. These techniques make NLP and all the other stuff out there look like toys.

This eBook has no fluff, just well over 250 solid pages of vicious mind control moves that make attaining any goal or getting any woman a walk in the park. Finding the right mate will be a piece of cake, and it doesn’t stop there. Everyone wants to know how others think; armed with this knowledge, people will think whatever you want them to think.

The material in this eBook does not come from the guru of the day, but from seasoned CIA and professional covert operatives, some retired, others still working for real intelligence agencies that will show you how to apply the most powerful mind control and seduction techniques available to date; techniques that that cannot be resisted by anyone, anywhere.

Not only will you be able to impose your will on others, but you’ll spot the signs if someone is subliminally trying to impose their will on you and be able to cut it off right away.

Face Reality

This book is about winning; winning at all costs. It’s not about being a noble warrior fighting for someone else’s cause. It’s about your survival. If your personal survival is not an important cause, than what is? It’s about getting what you want, when you want it, from whomever you want.

It’s not about worrying whether or not they like it or like you. It’s about whether or not you like it or them. You will learn the mind set of not caring what anyone thinks of you.

Anyone who ever made it in this world, and we're talking big time, did not make it alone. They did not get there by "honesty is the best policy." They got there by wanting to get there more than anything else in whole the world. If somebody or something opposed them, those things were soon out of their lives. People of the real world who attain real success do dare take what they want, and don't give a hoot in hell what anyone thinks.

This is Mental War, and War has specific tactics to achieve goals.

  • Lying by omission

  • The straw man technique

  • The petito principle

  • Attitude manipulation

  • Divide and Conquer

  • Creating mystery

  • Hitting only from strength

Learn all these amazing techniques and more; techniques that go beyond anything you can imagine.

You think you're going to become a big shot and get women taking a Goddamned yoga class, sitting in front of a television, going into chat rooms? Pleading with some guy or girl for attention doesn’t even get you pity anymore. Pleading with some boss for a raise or a promotion shows your weakness, not strength, and depending on your resume to even get you in the front door is a thing of the past. Wake up, dammit!

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