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Mediterranean Oregano Oil

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Mediterranean Oregano Oil

This will make you a warrior, a conqueror, and a winner.

Fear, doubt, failure, addiction, every form of self destructive
self defeating behavior comes down to this …Toxoplasmosis and Candida.

There is one reason you don't have what you want in life

Toxoplasmosis and Candida

It is a parasite in your brain, proven by science, Google all you want... that has been around for ages. That leads to failure, poverty, illness, fear, obesity, you name it.

That is why we have the same wars, the same arguments the same fights the same horrors, the technology changes the human condition doesn’t.

I have spent the better part of my life searching for an answer. And I believe I found it.

Only oregano oil from the Mediterranean which is unavailable to the public anywhere is available here.

Why the Mediterranean? Lets think about that for a second, shall we? Samaria, Greece, Egypt, Rome, all the greatest civilizations ever known rose and fell there, As the Mediterranean oregano oil moved from place to place. When the Mediterranean oil migrated these civilizations went into self destruct mode. Same with all individuals today.

Stop it now! No need for a complete science lesson here it would take years to explain. But if you want to see your life change and not be affected by the most severe of all conditions, self victimization and that has been proven over and over again.

This is a parasite that has a mind of its own that affects your mind. When mice get it, scientifically proven, they literally surrender to cats. When people get it that it's estimated that 80 % of people have it, they surrender to the entire world’s stupidity including their own.

Please end it now.

You will see a change between one day or two. I don’t want to bore you with the science. I want to free you with the results of my research

This has been the major secret hidden by the NWO for over 3,000 years.

This Mediterranean oregano oil will more often than not cast out what has been called demons that have plagued and destroyed civilizations and individuals throughout the ages.

Latent toxoplasmosis and behavioral parameters

Recent studies demonstrated that latent infection with T. gondii can alter behavioral parameters of human and rodents. These alterations in rodents are named with the term of ‘parasite manipulation’ and in human by ‘parasite constraint’. Toxoplasma gondii has only one final host (cat) but many intermediate hosts (all warm-blooded vertebrates). Rodents are persistent intermediate host reservoir for T. gondii in natural conditions; hence manipulation hypothesis mention a parasite may alter host behavior for its own benefit, usually by enhancing its transmission rate . Humans are dead-end hosts for T. gondii, because that rarely eaten by feline. In these conditions, induction of behavioral alterations termed as ‘parasitic constraint’.

Different studies have been conducted on the relationship between latent toxoplasmosis and behavioral parameters in humans. Interestingly these parameters are different in infected men and women. For example, intelligence, affectothymia (warm, outgoing, attentive to others, kindly, easy-going, participating and likes people) and superego strength (rule-conscious, dutiful, conscientious, conforming, moralistic, staid and rule bound) are higher in infected women, while infected men have lower intelligence, superego strength and novelty seeking (low novelty seeking indicates rigid, loyal, stoic, slow-tempered and frugal personalities); both infected men and women have higher levels of guilt-proneness (they tend to be more apprehensive, self-doubting, worried, guilt prone, insecure, worrying and self-blaming)

60 day supply

60 Mediterranean leaf oil 45mg capsules

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