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Male Superiority --The audio you cannot miss!

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Male Superiority --The audio you cannot miss!

Fact: Women are attracted by male superiority find out how to use it only here

Women are attracted by signs of superiority: mainly by indifference, determination and security. Women reject signs of inferiority and weakness: low self esteem, neediness, emotionalism, romanticism, subjection, harassment, blarney, adoration, doubt, vacillation, insecurity, etc. Women love the superiority: the workers want the bosses, the fans want the artist, the patients want the doctor, the students want the teacher, most men do not know how to apply these principles- you will discover here

The secrets revealed here are incredibly powerful. Their overwhelming sexual potential and control are known in secret around the world. The secret is now out. This Audio is filled with all the greatest moves that cannot possibly fail to work because they have been used as sexual mind control since the beginning of recorded history.

There is a specific personality, a special kind of man that women want and all men fear.

In any discussion of what women want, no trait gets more attention than social status. Acknowledged as a key female attraction cue, it’s also frequently referred to as social dominance. It’s easy to see why. One need only look around to see that men in positions of leadership and social dominance are highly desired by women.


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