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Mafia Money Making Tactics

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Mafia Money Making Tactics -- The Audio

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A new state of mind-- a new life style - "The Mafia" Money-Making System

What do you think of when you hear the word "Mafia"? You probably think of either fictional movies and TV shows or sordid accounts of crime families from the news media. What you probably don't think of is how they manage to make countless fortunes and remain untouched by the authorities.

Let's be real clear right up front. This Audio is now about how to become a Mafia goon or hitman! This audio is all about understanding the underlying psychology that you can use to get whatever you want-- LEGALLY.

That's right. I'm Gary Brodsky and many years ago, back when I was a kid in Brooklyn a local "connected" guy confided in me: "The Mafia? It's just a head game, kid." It took me a few years, but as I matured but I finally figured out exactly what he meant. Most of the "Mafia" transactions are totally voluntary and are non-violent and don't even have the threat of violence. None of that is necessary.

Let that sink in for a moment-- no violence is necessary to be able to make money in the "Mafia" Money-Making system.

Now, for the first time ever, I will reveal what I learned from men like this. Surprisingly, not only is there no violence whatsoever involved--everything is totally legit! 100% legal! Completely above board. I'm telling it to you straight-- most of these men wouldn't even get a parking ticket or steal a candy bar. They didn't have to. And neither will you!

There is a science to how the Mob makes money, a way.

most people simply have no clue about, and even less of an idea about how it works. "Mafia" Money-Making tactics does not require breaking any laws; it is a
financial system-- one that has proven itself over centuries. It is a secret way of thinking and living your life that few outside the "Mafia" have mastered. In fact, most of the "Mafioso" who get killed or arrested are the ones who stray from the financial system that has thrived over centuries.

This is not about crime, shakedowns, or any illegal activities.

This system will not and has not failed and has no limits!

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