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How to Talk to Women

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Written and spoken by Gary Brodsky

Audio Program, 2 Hours

Gary Brodsky, author of best-selling books has been writing about seducing, attracting, meeting and picking-up women for years. The most important thing a man needs to learn is "How to Talk to Women." It's ten times more important than you think and a hundred times easier than you think! In this audio program, Gary Brodsky teaches you everything you need to know about talking to women.

The secrets of talking to women are finally explained!

  • What to say and what not to say
  • When to stop talking
  • What to talk about and why it works
  • A reminder: Why you are talking to women-how to talk about what they are interested in
  • Talk slowly-- women respond hypnotically when a man paces his words
  • Make eye contact like a mental patient when you talk- they become entranced
  • Be amused by the woman you are talking to.
  • Don't ever ask a question you don't know the answer to - learn to use the power of the right questions!
  • How to stimulate women with words!
  • Magic words that can win all women!
  • Why making sense and being too literal kills the sexuality between men and women.
  • How to STOP trying to be understood and how to START being interesting to all women.
  • How to make love to her mind-mental foreplay that turns physical FAST!
  • Why being right means nothing to women, and why being interesting means everything!

If done right -- and this audio program show you how talking to a women will set you up for sex, great dates and great relationships. Talking to women is the first means of contact and if not done right it sets you up for embarrassment, rejection, or the start of a bad relationship.

This is the real deal!



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