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How to Start a Cult

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How to Start a Cult 

Do you want devoted women followers that leave their friends and families for you, give their money to you, give their bodies to you, give up their lives for you, and consider you a deity. And will do absolutely anything for you?

Constantly saying and meaning love you?

Do you want to learn the secrets to become a cult leader?

I have taught many and they have succeeded

WARNING: This material should not be taken lightly and should be usedwith discretion. The techniques taught here can cause post traumatic stress syndrome in women and other mental disorders. This sensitive should be used with extreme caution.

Since the loss of belief in so many areas there has been a vacancy opened. You can fill that void.

I have been teaching this over the phone to many men with success beyond all my hopes paying $ 200 per hour -Now you can listen for only $27.00 and know what they know and do what they do.

All over America as well as other countries since I began this training men are creating cults of women that do whatever they want.

Sure I teach seduction, and you've heard the CD’s you know I'm on the money with my seduction techniques, and my pick-up tactics.

But this is a new concept that goes way beyond dating, seducing or getting a girlfriend, this is the Ultimate.

Women are totally lost today, sick to death of the way men have become, the way society has become they are totally fed up. They aren't really looking for a great man in their life, what they are unknowingly looking for is something scared, and that can be you.

Do I teach seduction? I sure do. Have you heard my CDs? You bet you have. And, do you know I'm on the money with my seduction techniques and my pick-up tactics? You're damn right you do.

I have been the king of this information for so long I can't even pretend to be humble about it. I'm the best. I know this game inside and out. And if you've been listening to what I have to say about it, you know everything I'm saying is true.

But this ... this is a totally new concept that goes way beyond dating. This is light years beyond simply seduction or just getting a girlfriend. This is the inside scoop on how men have risen to possess powers of which most can't even dreamed of possessing.

That's because most men don't have the faintest clue of how the world works, of what it has become or what it takes to move forward through it today. These days, most women are totally lost. They are sick to death of the way men act, of what little their fathers had to teach them; of the pathetic nothing life seems to have to offer. Begin discovering How to Start A Cult.


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