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Never before revealed: HOW TO SEXUALLY PROGRAM WOMEN!



This is a way of using certain TRIGGER WORDS that WILL get anyone to do what you want; once you know how you can and will be able to seduce any woman and she will never know how you did it.


This skill would put you way beyond seduction and sex we're talking adoration, worship and more.


Warning: This may take all the fun out of dating and seduction with this skill you always win, because it is so easy to apply.


For years I debated whether or not to share this information and it will be all here.


I learned this from the teachings of Theodore Adorno-- the man that created the Beatles and made sure everyone loved them.


This is a way of speaking that you can talk to a woman about the weather and she will be want to have sex with you. It is so powerful, so effective, and so simple to use that you will want to go test it right away-- and guess what? It will work!


What you will discover here is that these speech patterns have started social movements, wars, social change, trends, and morals. And you will be able to do that in any social situation that you can possibly imagine!


You may ask does this work? After this audio you'll know it works.

“Gary taught me SEXUAL PROGRAMMING privately when I found myself hopelessly unable to get a date, at that point I was willing to try anything. I tried this it got me every woman I ever wanted and many I didn't. It was almost addictive.” – Roger P., Ohio


“With this technique you can get women to do anything, I mean anything! And they will love doing it!” -- James Quinn, UK


“I am a woman and I conducted a focus group of women, and this technique worked on each and every one of them. It got ‘em all!” - Jennifer Blaine, CT

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