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How to Play Women

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Written and spoken by Gary Brodsky
Audio Program, 3+ Hours

Imagine being able to have three women, five women, even twelve hot, sexy women bringing you whatever you want, how you want it, as you completely direct and control their lives. These women do anything you want, have sex with you, and get their friends to have sex with you, and even turn over their paychecks. Learn how to put women in their place without arguments, fights or wedding rings. Learn to NEVER take women seriously and to take all you can from them.

This isn't about getting better at picking up women; it's about owning them, MIND, BODY and SOUL. Playing women is a STATE OF MIND and a DEVESTATING arsenal of techniques. Gary shows you how to run women like your own SLAVE CAMP.

You will learn to strike fast, first and hard with women. It all comes down to ego. Women control men by ego-- his self image. You can learn to CONTROL HER EGO, what she thinks of herself, who she is, and what she does. THAT is playing women. Whoever controls the ego in the relationship wins. Gary tells you how to control any woman's ego--- where SHE HAS NO DEFENSES IN HER PRIMAL IDENTITY.

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