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How to Be a Prick Women Love

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How to Be a Prick Women Love

The Ultimate Classic

I'm Gary Brodsky. It's my mission to teach, train, and inspire you to seduce women, deal with women, and have successful, positive relationships with women for the rest of your life. All you need is the right set of beliefs and the training to back them up. I'll teach you both.

The time has come to face the truth: women like, sleep with, and can't resist men who are pricks. It is the truth you always knew; the truth every guy knows. In fact you knew this stuff in junior high school.

So, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Nice never works for anyone, and it never will. Nice guys are great for women to emotionally and financially break. But Mr. Nice Guy will be never get what he really wants.

If you have ever gotten crap from women, a litany of what's wrong with you, obsessed over a woman or had your life made miserable by a women - and yes you did, we all did - this CD set was made for you.

I show you how you can be the guy that all men want to be like, without you having to invest either your emotions or finances into a relationship. The only thing you have to do is buy and listen to this audio program.

And by the way, this is not only going to teach you how to get all the women you want, it's a ticket to freedom from ever being manipulated again by any woman ever again.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of single women are attracted to bad guys who treat them like crap? It's simple. Women just don't like weak, wimpy, or "nice" guys. It is just a fact of genetic programming.

Did you ever notice that women keep saying that they want a nice guy, but they are always going after some prick? Do NOT believe what women say. Instead, watch what women do. They go after the bad guys, the so called "pricks". And now you can join the ranks.

There is one undeniable truth that you must understand. Women don't like nice guys. Women want bad guys (pricks) because they are hard to get, and women want what they cannot have.

Other topics that are on my most-outrageous CD yet address:


  1. Why are nice guys ignored?
  2. Why are women so attracted to pricks?
  3. How to create the prick persona and have women jumping all over you.
  4. Is she attracted only to bad guys or to any guy who can make her "feel" the way a bad guy does?
  5. How to adopt some of the prick's techniques, and attract women like the prick does.
  6. The 30 rules of being a prick.
  7. How to get any and I mean any women attracted to you be being a prick.

Women's behavior has never been explained so clearly before. Now you'll know how to get in the game, not give a damn, and get all the women you want.

So, you pricks, get your orders in here super fast! The world needs men like you! There are a lot of women out there, and someone has to have sex with them. Make sure its you!


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PricePaid Subscriber Price
Instant Download$37.99$29.99
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