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Healing Yourself and Others

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Healing Yourself and Others - Audio Program

The results are in:

Gary, I had ugly melasma on my face all through 2012! My whole right side is clear without anymore melasma; it took 23 days. You're the angel and the hero, haha! I'll send a picture of how you have helped me. I'm using my words to explain this Gary, but it is more powerful and wonderful to the point that I cannot easily express it. I'm forever grateful -Cinnamon 

I was recently sick with what appeared to be turning into the flu. I had a migraine, the chills, and was completely exhausted. I was fortunate enough to have Gary perform a healing ritual on me. The next day I woke up and all of these symptoms were gone!  Thanks to Gary! - John M

I was talking to my friend who knows of Gary's gift of healing; she said she would ask Gary to help me alleviate my pain.  After 2 or so weeks of no change I woke up on Monday and my pain was reduced significantly. For this I am most grateful to his abilities"-Andy K Bronx New York


Acting and believing you are already healed and this applies to any problem, situation, illness, etc., is all about Spiritual mind healing and applying the law of attraction is not based on the premise that Jesus healed, but on the premise that there is a law of healing and changing all life situations... It is a technique which works.

Jesus used it intuitively, but you can use it too, with full conscious knowledge of the way it works. Healing or achieving anything is a mental science and while Jesus demonstrated it, the science did not originate with him. There are countless records in the Old Testament times. Both the prophets Elijah and Elisha did a great amount of healing.

All other ancient religious histories give accounts of great healings. Jesus was, however, the first man who knew what he was doing when he did it. He healed with understanding and taught that a corrected belief would produce a corrected situation. In our language today we would say that he intuitively realized that unhealthy patterns in the subconscious made people sick and when these were forgiven and re-channeled the person became whole again--that easy and simple.

You will never be convinced of spiritual mind healing and life changing until you have healed and helped yourself or someone else. The general public does not accept the notion of spiritual healing nor does it want to. The general public’s reliance on medical authority is sufficient to most, yet limiting at best.

If you have the courage to stand on the principle that God or Universal Mind is the all in all, and understand yourself as unlimited by the power of the one perfect Mind, you can heal not only yourself but others as well.

It is not really my gift. Anyone can do it!

Discover how here!



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