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Guts & Garyisms

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Guts & Garyisms.

Spoken and ranted by Gary Brodsky

Guts and Garyisms is one power hour of pure Alpha Attitude and will put your butt on the path of being your own king.

No more taking crap
No more pick up faliures
No more feelings of inadequacy

In this one hour rant Gary cuts through all the BS of how and why most men are acting like little bitches.

Who benefits from this- Anyone with the Guts to listen.

Think about this:

How many times do you wake up in the morning saying to yourself I should have never let this or that person belittle me? How could I swallow such disrespect? How could I allow myself to be treated so poorly? What's wrong with me?
You know you've done it. We've all done it. The walking away from some humiliation, only to get up the next morning and tell ourselves, man, I should of done this, I should have done that, should have gone to, marched right up to, told them a thing or two ... blahblahblah ... enough!
Shoulda coulda woulda don't cut it. That's what losers say. They make excuses. They don't dare. They fail! They stare at themselves in the bathroom mirror, their mouths babbling about how things could have been, their ears trying to believe it, but their eyes ... staring into their souls ... their eyes can see their pathetic nature and that picture is the one they carry about with them all day. When the opportunity comes to ask out an attractive girl, when a great deal comes their way, when a moment arrives which might change their lives, their guts fail. 

The memory of those sad, cowardly, hopeless eyes shrivels their balls, freezes them in place, and leaves them on the sidelines--ruined, useless and alone--forever.
We can not let the destroyers win. We can not turn over the world our fathers built to the placators, the lawyers, the vote-chasers, the nay-sayers. We can't. If we do, if we join the dismal, gray ranks of the politically correct, if we continue to turn the other cheek, to grovel with the cowards and the meek then it is over. The world is finished.
Well, I'm here to tell you right now--it ain't over until it's over, and only you can say when it's over for you! And, if you don't want it to be over, if you're not ready to surrender, if you want what's yours, not a bit or it, or a piece of it, but every goddamned bit of it, then you need to get some guts!
You listen to me--guts give the orders, guts gets women, guts does not hesitate and, most important of all, guts does not dwell on problems, it solves them.
We all--each and every one of us--can use a hell of a lot more guts. Yes, the world is filled with crap, their are enemies all around us, but only because we allowed them. They are there, tearing us down, chewing on our hearts and souls, all these problems in our lives, simply because we  lacked the guts to do anything about it.

This audio will end all that.

End that for yourself once and for all. Find out how to free yourself from the traps and destruction of the modern world. If you want to hold your head up once more, to feel pride in yourself, to rediscover your self-respect get Guts and Garyisms.


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