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Get Ass, Kick Ass: a technique that will make you invincible

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Get Ass, Kick Ass -- The Audio

Presented by Gary Brodsky, a live recording

A technique that will make you invincible including devestating new NLP Techniques

Anyone who is tired of "pussification" of men, Get this Now.

WARNING: This material should not be taken lightly and should be used with discretion. The techniques taught here can cause post traumatic stress syndrome in women and other mental disorders. This sensitive information should be used with extreme caution

A couple of days ago I decided to review some of other web sites I thought were doing the same thing I was--you know, go in and check out the competition. See how some of the other guys suggest men meet women. After the first few, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

What, I wondered, was happening to the world? When did the complete and utter horseshit I was reading become the "current wisdom?" Who were these closet cases that were taking men's money and telling them the only way to meet women was to become one? Frankly, I was stunned.

If you don’t know what I'm talking about, that's okay. The changes that have been made to this world--especially in America--have come on slowly. It has taken years--decades--for us to sink into the sad, pathetic state we have reached in our, oh, so politically correct world. What has been done has been subtle. And gradual. But, also--successful. I'm sure you've heard how it used to be "a man's world." Well, not anymore, brother. And that's why these phonies who say they can help you get women all operate in the same hideous manner.

Their pitch is always rooted in something seemingly innocent like: “how to make yourself more attractive to women,” or the equally intriguing, “secrets of what women want.” There are a number of variations, but you get the idea. All of them are, I will admit, are well-crafted, but they are also one-way tickets to the chain-around-the-neck mind set of male inferiority. These weak-willed traitors to their sex, so eager to turn you into some woman's girl friend instead of her lover, are bought-and-paid for accomplices to those seeking the utter and final feminization of men.

And, brothers, they make me sick.

All their advice boils down to self-destructive tid-bits like "how you should dress," "things you should no longer say," "things you should no longer believe," "things you should no longer think,"  one worse than the other. Why you should stop smoking. Why you should stop eating red meat. When you should buy them gifts. How to correctly complement their hair. Why you should be concerned about how their day went. The right way to tell them how great they look in this or that pair of shoes.

Their shoes? The big advice is how to compliment women on their goddamned shoes?!

This crap has got to stop. It has to end--here and now! A long time ago various
factions got their start by telling women how terrible men were, how they needed men who were caring. Sensitive. Well, they got what they paid for. Men everywhere are doing everything they can to be aware of their partner's needs. To be loving.

If I'm the only one that will dare to tell you, this is not the way it's supposed to be.

This is bullshit! Being the kind, sweet one, the one who picks out the drapes and washes the dishes is not the role of a male. You should not be concerned on how you can best please and compliment and stroke and praise and throw yourself on the goddamned ground to be used as a doormat for any women.

You should be asking, hey, how do I get women to please me?!

These are the things you need to learn, and these are the things that I will teach you. How to get women to please you, how you can get women to dress the way you want them to dress. How to get women to cook your dinner, clean your clothes, scrub your tub, and do anything you want them to do--anywhere, anytime--in the bedroom, in your backseat, at the company picnic, in the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, or any other place you can think of.

Women should be flocking to you, should be concerned about how to please you, to comfort you, to relieve your tension. Not the other way around.

Leaning to anticipate their needs, struggling to listen and to care about their crap ... that's not your job. Coming off like some kind of whining teenager is not the way you want to sound. If you're striking out with women, changing into some metrosexual vegan is not the way to change that.

You need to stop shaming yourself before your fellow man and God. This continual promotion of a sick, victim mentality is a disease threatening to destroy the male sex. Approved by gutless politicians desperate for female votes, encouraged by our corporate masters who find having females in management positions only increases their ability to keep free thinking men down, trumpeted for its fairness and inclusiveness by the jackals in charge of our mass media whose only concern is catering to that section of the marketplace that does the shopping, far too many men are finding themselves winding up broke, desperate and alone.

This must end--and it will.

Let me show you the mind control tricks of the enemy. Allow me to teach you how to navigate the minefields of modern sexual thought. Let me transform you into not just a Man, but an Alpha Male--a man who not only knows what he wants, but who gets it!

Become a part of a powerful group of men who have relearned how to kick ass and  power you up so fast you won't believe it. you do not wind up like the sad, sickening men everywhere around You, the soulless, spineless losers living like bitches, cowering before their women, ironing their own shirts and raising kids who rightly sneer at them as the losers they are.

Like I said, it's going to end--and it's going to end now.

Whether or not it ends for you ... well ... that's up to you.

But, if you want to escape the grasp of the new world order, if you want to not only learn about the mind control that's being used on you every day, but learn how to turn those tactics around and use them on women to get what you want, then


Your future depends on it.

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