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Charles Manson Guide to Subconscious Mind Control the Audio

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The Charles Manson Guide to the Subconscious Mind Control and Getting the Women You Want, the Audio

This Audio includes new material from interviews with Charles Manson, Patricia Krenwinkle, and Leslie Van Houton.

Who is the greatest living pick up artist? You guessed it Charles Manson.

Quick question: How many people did Charles Manson Kill?

Don't waste your time guessing. The answer is zero. He was able to convince other people - including many young (and some very beautiful) women to do it for him.

He also had sex with these and hundreds of other women whenever he wanted.

I'm sure none of you are looking to form a murderous cult-like "family". You just want a date.  But for some reason, getting a date is harder than you think.  Wonder why?  

Think you're too short? Manson is about 5'2'.

You're too broke? Manson lived off the land and was virtually penniless.

You're not good looking enough? Manson is a living, breathing troll doll with a swastika carved in his forehead.

You don't have a good enough job? Manson was in some form of incarceration since age 11.

Charlie at 80 with his 26-year-old ex-fiance, who he later dumped.

Don't make excuses when all of your excuses can be easily nullified by the man who is the greatest living pickup artist.

Just think, Manson has been studied by journalists, researchers and scholars for nearly 50 years, but nobody has ever touched upon this aspect of his life.


For better or worse, "Manson" has become a metaphor for anything violent and evil. I decided to focus ONLY on the side of his life related to seduction. This is all new material, offered for the FIRST TIME EVER.  I've had talks about Mason before, but nothing like this.  

In all new discussions with Mason, Krenwinkle, and Van Houton, I learned even more about his pick-up techniques. What makes his pick-up techniques so powerful, so amazing, and so effective, is that they are so easy to do.

Once you discover how to use these techniques, and you will, very few, if any, women will be able to resist you.

The reason I have spent so much time with Charles Manson and now the Manson women is because the effect of his seduction techniques is documented.

Even today, decades after the Manson incident many of the Manson women still love him and would do whatever he says; after this amazing Webinar, you too will be able to seduce woman as well and as easily as Manson.

Manson was an ex-con, penniless, 5'2" tall man, yet it didn’t matter. He knew what he wanted and over 300 women loved and adored him, asking to do anything for him.

He is not the only one who has done this, there are many others who have used these proven seduction techniques, but Manson is the one who made these techniques famous, and he is the one I learned from.

Please listen, it will frighten you just how easy these techniques are and they will work for you.

If for any reason the idea of this Audio is found to be offensive or politically incorrect, pick up a Play Station controller and forget about women. This Audio is about seduction techniques and results that work.

PricePaid Subscriber Price
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