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Black Op

For those of you ready to shake off the blinders that have been placed on you since childhood, seeing the truth is actually quite easy. The goal of the power-brokers has been to keep you asleep, distracted. Away from the truth. As you must suspect, up until now they have been enormously successful.

Up until now.

In the past few years, however, due to complacency on their side, and a will on the part of a growing number of dissatisfied and disenfranchised folks across the country to learn the truth, a call for information has begun to grow. I consider it my mission to make as much of that truth as I have in my possession available to as many as possible.

I will walk you through them as best I can. It is a dark and often horrible journey, one that will lead you into facts you will not wish to believe, but will not be able to deny. The goal of those in power is nothing more than the complete enslavement of the human race. Your only ticket to freedom is a complete, cold and unvarnished set of the facts. You say you want some of those facts ... okay; I'll give them to you.

THEY are building death camps.
THEY are poisoning our water, food and air.
THEY are creating diseases and releasing them into the general population so they can profit from, not curing those illnesses, but merely treating all your symptoms.

THEY want to medicate everyone--school children, the elderly, the work force, the disturbed--everyone. They want the taking of drugs on command to be as natural as brushing your teeth. They want it to be something you do without thinking.

THEY have turned friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor. They have turned a united people into a bickering, Balkanized land of individual colonies, fighting one another for bits and pieces of the rights all used to share equally.

And ... THEY have done all of this with an ease which borders on the insane.

You get ridiculously mad at your neighbor because he parked in your spot, or because his dog crapped in your yard; you hold indefinite grudges over the most petty arguments without ever entertaining a thought of simple forgiveness. And yet, you were raised to forgive. What made you change?

THEY have insidiously and deliberately robbed us of our souls, our gender, and our true purpose. Why? I told you why. It’s as simple as I said above. They have trained themselves for generations to think of you as worthless scum, because it doesn't bother people to crush scum into the ground. They want to own everything, and so have devalued our lives, made us their refuse while they rob everything on this planet of value--that which is meant to be shared by all of us--everything in this incredible holy universe that is spinning all around us.

Trust me, there is a THEY. I know, I used to work for them.

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