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Decades ago, numerous scientific studies established that those men who produced higher than average amounts of male pheromones achieved far greater success with women. They didn’t need movie star looks or body-builders’ physiques. No matter what their appearance, nature had given them everything they needed to have women find them utterly irresistible.

How can this be, you ask? It’s simply one of nature’s most intriguing designs. Sexual communication via pheromones is common throughout nature. Every type of creature uses them. They’re the scent female dogs release when they’re in heat. They’re the reason all heads turn when certain people enter the room. They’re the scientific secret behind love at first sight. And now, they can be yours!

Imagine: suddenly being ten times more desirable and seductive than you’ve ever been in your life.

Imagine: walking into a room and finding yourself the center of all female attention.

Imagine: women wanting you--needing you, uncontrollably--not caring about how you’re dressed, what kind of car you drive or how much money you have. Just wanting you and having to have you. You!


If you can imagine a never-ending parade of sexual partners, of women driven by your very presence to do anything you want, then you are ready for Benth!

Recently developed, Benth works in a revolutionary new way. While many companies promise the impossible dream of artificially created pheromones, we have the one and only secret to increased female attraction. What others are offering the public are what are known as primer pheromones, which elicit a slower, developmental response and may or may not pave the way toward a desired behavior.

Benth, however, has been formulated to act as a releaser pheromone. The secret of the releasers has baffled science until only recently. These are the pheromones which drag forth a rapid, immediate response from the opposite sex. Now, after years of dedicated research, that secret has been broken.

Now, that secret can be yours!

Benth is the answer for which you have been searching. It is the miracle for which men has prayed since the beginning of time. Benth accentuates your own natural pheromones, exciting them to unbelievable levels, turning them into super-charged neurotransmitters that will directly stimulate every woman you encounter. It’s as simple as that- and that is science.

If you want to trigger sexual excitement wherever you go, if you want your pick of the most beautiful, desirable women in the world, if you want the edge that will make your every fantasy a reality, then you need Benth! And you need it now!

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate for a second.

Improve your sex life today.

Step up to Benth.

And make every new day the best day of your life!

Benth will not only stimulate your senses but also change the way you think about life. Benth is an aphrodisiac oil that is soothing to the skin and have an intoxicating aroma.

You will gain new perspectives about love and life when you inhale these proven pheromones. Take your relationship with your significant other to a whole new level with Benth.

How It Works

Applying Benth is simple. You rub a small amount of oil into your wrist and inhale deeply for a couple of seconds. You will soon feel the transformational energy that will sharpen your mind and heighten your senses to almost super human proportions.

Why it Works

These oils stimulate the olfactory system, which fires off the cerebral cortex in the brain, thrusting endorphins and pheromones into the blood stream. This allows you to think, feel, and do things your never before thought possible.

Egyptian King Tut arranged to have ten gallons of Benth buried with him in his tomb, as he was concerned that there might not be Benth available in his afterlife. Europeans upon being introduced to Benth gladly traded one pound of Benth for one pound of gold. The Romans believed the smell of Benth would enhance ones appetite for life!

PricePaid Subscriber Price
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