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Be Feared and Respected

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Be Feared and Respected:  Get Everything You Want Out of Life

Women will line up to be with a man who is feared and respected by
both men and women-- it's what women dream of!

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield portrayed a character that joked that he "got no respect," and was able to achieve fame and fortune. Clearly, the real Rodney Dangerfield had plenty of respect-- he starred in movies, owned a major comedy club, and was rich. Did it matter what he physically looked like? No, he knew how to make that work for himself. He built his fortune by realizing how a man with no respect is laughable. That's gold for a stand-up comic, but it's pathetic if you're really that man with no respect.

What exactly is "respect"? And why should you care about it? Let's start then with one simple example:

Women will always sleep with a man they respect whether they like him or not. Now, some men may be happy being "liked" by women, and not ever having sex with anyone other than themselves, and that's fine. If that's you, then read no further, because this is for men who want to have sex with beautiful women whenever they want.

Still here? Great! We didn't need those other guys around anyway. They would've just argued about how we were treating women like objects or something. Truth be told, most men act like self-entitled bitches these days. And that's fine. Seriously. The more men like that, the less competition for us.

But let's get back to what the Queen of Soul so beautifully and powerfully sung about-- R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Being feared and respected is the first of all human qualities which make all other qualities exist. Put as simply as possible, when you are feared and respected no one will ever look at you the same. People will want to only be on your good side. They will treat you as if you were a celebrity-- a movie star or a powerful politician. All doors will suddenly be open to you, and people will all want to help give you whatever you want. When you have a presence and you let it be known-- women will be uncontrollably attracted to you. Men will want to do business with you. The world will suddenly being paying attention to YOU.

Being feared and respected isn't something you are born with. There is a science to being feared and respected. This science is used by the Mafia, the police, and the most successful seduction artists. I grew up around wise guys, and I also studied this with US Intelligence, and guess what? Anyone can learn how to be feared and respected. Let me say that again: Anyone can learn how to be feared and respected. I know, because, that's what I do-- I can train anyone to be feared and respected. It's what I do.

The choice is as clear as can be: do you want to remain a loser or do you finally want to learn the secrets to being a winner? Now, I'm not trying to be mean or insensitive, but the fact is, most guys are perceived by both men and women alike as schmucks and victims. You don't want to be that guy! You want to be the guy that is feared and respected and loved. Yes, loved!

Women will line up to be with such a man-- it's what the dream of! They are depressed and despondent when they settle for whatever they can find in the Sea of Losers-- thinking that's the best they can possibly hope for. But time and time again, I've seen these women be willing to walk away from their boyfriend or husband to be with a man who is feared and respected. Nothing seems to turn women on more than that! When you have respect you have the world in the palm of your hand.

If you want to be the type of guy that people fear, respect, and are attracted to, I suggest you listen. Come on, get some respect! I'll show you how!



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