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All is Mine - Incantations to God

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All is Mine: Incantations to God

From Gary Brodsky

Gary Brodsky explains clearly and engagingly how one can improve one's life by changing your subconscious pattern through the spiritual technique called incantations. The essence of incantation is this: When the conscious mind of the individual deliberately selects an idea and delivers that idea to the subconscious, the subconscious mind acts as a law and proceeds to produce the equivalent of that idea in the individual's experience.

The subconscious mind is the producer of one's experience, while the conscious mind is the decider of experience. Both phases of mind are spiritual processes working together - they are the God process in the individual.

This wonderful work provides a spiritual technique for richer living. The incantations in this eBook deal with, inter alia, Happiness, Wealth, Love, Success and Freedom, and includes incredible affirmations, incantations and prayers. This book should be read repeatedly to provide the maximum benefit.

This book is simply amazing. It's filled with all kinds of helpful advice and insight. Brodsky writes from a Religious Science background, and his connection with Spirit is profound. He puts to rest many of the classic misconceptions between medical science and spiritual science. He links sound metaphysical and psychological Truth to Truth of Being. If you have personal problems that won't go away no matter what "solution" you've tried, perhaps this is the prescription the doctor didn't prescribe. Greg Townsend- UK

One of the most powerful, empowering, enhancing books I have read this year. Brodsky is such an amazing communicator and teaches a new approach to spirituality that is eye opening and life changing. Read it if you dare!!! - Ron Wells - Michigan

This book is for anyone who wishes to take control of their life.
It gives clear instructions and contains the age old formula of success that always works. - Len

In 50 plus years of looking for the right book- this is it. - James Connelly - Los Angeles CA.

The difference between this book and "The Secret" is this book works- Samantha Crow AK

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