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Activiated Shungite

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Activiated Shungite

Kings, queens, rock stars all have the power of attraction, adoration, power, health and wealth since the beginning of time


They know about and use Shungite, an ancient healing, power, wealth, love and seduction stone found only in very rare places on earth. This stone when activated works.

This stone already specially activated will give you the attraction powers like rock stars and royalty. Not only will it create attraction but it also has incredible healing abilities. You must see to believe, and you shall!

Put on your desk, night stand or anywhere it will do the rest.

Just being around the stone acts to infuse your aura with light... and allows only positive and beneficial energy to reach you. Mentally, Psychically, Emotionally, and spiritually.

Ancient kings used this so people would worship them and look at them with adoration and respect. The same will happen to you.

It is foolproof and explains why so many people rise from obscurity to world fame and fortune. Watch what happens to you.

Shungite is known for its general ability to heal, clean, save, protect, neutralize, regenerate and restore.

Almost all Shungite out there is not activated and either has none or very low power.

Since ancient times Activiated Shungite was known to protect its owner against the evil eye, and evil influences.

Its ancient energy was known to improve psychic protection and psychic abilities.

It helps those who engage in magical and mystical practices.

It brings ancient spirits into the process in a protective role.

It is said to enhance the gift of prophecy and help those who read the future.

When I tried to get real Activated Shungite years ago, the lowest price was $250,000 for just a few stones... Yes a quarter of a million dollars for some stones; more than the cost of diamonds.

Recently I found a connection that enables me to sell it for $221.99 - totally activated and working probably better than anyone else's out there!

Activiated Shungite, sometimes called the "Stone of Life", acts as a natural antioxidant, immune booster, pain reliever, and allergen suppressant.  Activated Shungite  is used to treat skin ailments and musculoskeletal diseases, accelerate the healing of cuts and wounds, cleanse internal systems, and increase the body's intake of vital energy.   Activated Shungite offers protection against the hazards of our modern technological world and puts forth healing energy for both body and spirit. Truly a wonder of the natural world.

Keep Activated Shungite  no further than  10 feet away, under your bed or in your pocket  and it will recharge and super power you up like nothing you have ever seen. It does not need to be carried around in order to work.

Return policy 60 days - just send it back (odds are this will never happen).

PricePaid Subscriber Price
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