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Act As If

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Act As If

Imagine a life filled with health, financial freedom, love and personal self expression and empowerment, is our goal. The Act as If method is dedicated to helping people understand the causes of any and all problems they might have. The consequences of following wrong beliefs, Additionally, Gary Brodsky has developed a program for those who suffer from lack of love, money health and personal power and expression, and his Act as If method he provides a way to live you life filled with joy, love, money, health, power and freedom.

The Act as If method will instantly show you how to:

1) Act and think differently and you will be something different, good or bad your subconscious mind doesn’t care.

2) Act instead of wish you will have something will bring it too you. Believing works, wishing doesn't

3) Act as if you're in perfect health, despite the fact you may not be, will bring you perfect health.

4) Loose the victim mentality by seeing how you were programmed into it and reprogramming your self out.

5) If you change your posture and begin acting and feeding your subconscious mind positive thoughts- positive things will happen.

6) To test yourself go out and buy something you want- just for you and see if you don't get a feeling of non entitlement.

7) Act as if you are in a good mood when you aren't and your mood will change.

8) Visualize the best of all possible lives and watch them happen.

9) The words you say to yourself "I can or I can't" will manifest in your life your subconscious mind doesn't care. So watch I can't's.

10) How to immediately go to the opposite of a bad situation and turn it around by not letting your mind except it.

11) By loving yourself you will be loved by others in the exact proportion as you love yourself.

12) If you believe and ACT AS IF you are rich, you will become rich

13) Giving respect to other people will bring you self respect 10 fold

14) Do not get caught up in believing the media hype about illness, finance, abusive relationships and hopelessness or they will manifest in your life.

15) The words you think (because we all think in words) to yourself have a great effect on what will happen in your life.

16) If you spend only minutes a day ACTING AS IF your life will change for the better immediately.

17) Most of your problems come from self punishment and non entitlement; you are entitled to a great life.

18) you financial situation is based only on what you think you deserve ACT AS IF you deserve more and more will come.

19) By changing small patterns in your life you begin to change your life, even if it's as simple as dressing differently or driving home a new way.

20) Getting involved in petty nonsense will ruin you and any relationship you have, pettiness is very curable-just stop doing it.

21) Knowing how to feed you subconscious mind good thoughts and visualizations will bring you all you ever wanted

22) Knowing that the universe is unlimited know that you are as well

23) Just by smiling at other people begins to bring you positive energy and you life will instantly change.

24) Walk and carry yourself like a winner and you will become one

Discover the way of ACT AS IF- It WORKS

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