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200 mg DHEA

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200 mg DHEA

Man up and become biologically superior to 98 percent of all men. This is Science

200 mg DHEA makes you an Alpha Male overnight.

If you’ve heard its all chemistry with women and you know it is, well we have the real deal DHEA 200 mgs per shot, this will elevate you testosterone through the roof - no calcium carbonate. This DHEA creates testosterone - the stuff that makes men, men. Once you take this - within a day or two - women will feel your animal magnetism, hear it in your voice, and see it in your strut. Women will be drawn to you and here is why.


DHEA without calcium carbonate creates the pheromones real and natural that says to women - real man here. Today, due to all the stress we go through as men - we may be losing the vital hormones that real men should have. Fear not you’ll be up and running in just a day or two, back and better than you ever imagined.


The world’s most known natural confidence builder there is. It's like reversing the nice-guy syndrome and getting raw masculinity in a bottle.


Take it from me, Gary Brodsky, I teach you what to say and do on all my books and audio programs – all great stuff - bar none. But sometimes you need fuel and power to deliver the tactics and techniques I teach. And I found just the man; it has made my game better in just four hours and everyone noticed. This was magic to me.


Vern S. Cherewatenko, MD is a board certified doctor and best selling author and expert in all natural cures (check him out on the web - this is the man that cures diabetes with all natural stuff) and now he has researched and found what is needed to build men back into men bio-chemically with all natural elements. And has joined with me to help you become the man you were born to be.


Low testosterone in men is now an epidemic in our nation.


Most men are biologically not men anymore -- Dominant alpha males have more testosterone then the other males around them. So, when you boost testosterone, you are bio-chemically setting the stage for more confident social control which means you are the alpha male women want, and they sense it. Our DHEA 200 mgs without calcium carbonate gives you the confidence with women you’ve always dreamed of-right into your chemical make up - so expect chemical reactions on women by virtue of just being in their presence. Women will sense your renewed power and masculinity and respond.


Designed to improve your bio-chemical confidence, we found experts that understand the benefits of bio-chemical support. We have found the supplements that help men deal with women-sexually, emotionally, and mentally so they can more effectively attract, control, seduce, and dominated the women you want.


Many positive benefits of the master hormone DHEA.

DHEA may be the closest thing the body has for rediscovering powerful sexual youthful energy. University studies show that DHEA can affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain and improve memory, and many people testify to DHEA's ability to promote feelings of youthful energy and enhance feelings of relaxation and well-being. Not to mention a great boost in natural testosterone this is the hormone in men that attracts women.


Dehydroepiandrosterone, known as DHEA, is a natural hormone produced by the body within the adrenal cortex, from cholesterol. The body's most abundantly produced adrenal steroid hormone, it’s masculinity in a bottle- DHEA is essential for many of the body's activities. This important hormone supports overall good health, as well as healthy immune, sexual, cardiovascular, erectile and memory functions.


DHEA serves an important role in the function of brain cells. Brain tissue contains five to six times more DHEA than any other tissue in the human body. Some studies have found that DHEA may energize and revitalize the body, as well as reduce stress so therefore you will be sharper on your game in every way.


As the body ages: DHEA synthesis decreases significantly. Levels in the body peak between the ages of 20 to 30 then decrease an average of 20% per year. By age 65, the human body is only producing about 10-20% of the DHEA it produced at age 20. Scientists theorize that declining DHEA levels may be linked to a general decline in health and sexuality associated with aging.


Also great for anyone into body building, DHEA provides real testosterone which is what really builds muscle and flattens the stomach.

Directions: Take one capsule per day.

60 day supply of 200 mg. capsules DHEA without calcium carbonate only $69.95 per bottle.

Order immediately-we are fully stocked and ready to ship.

Side effects: lots of confidence-unlimited women, increased sex drive and libido.

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