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  • Why did my girl leave me?

    You let a woman change you. When you let a woman change you or give in too much she will find comtempt for you and not only will she leave you but she'll hate at the same time. Alpha men do not lose women -- be an alpha male and you'll keep her on your terms and nothing but your terms; otherwise, truth be told the relationship will go sour. If you find yourself in the situation I recommend How to Play Women, Alpha Up and Rock Her World, How to Dominate Women and How to be Great at Romance.

  • When is a good time to get physical with a woman?

    The sooner you move in, the better. The longer you take to move in, the more difficult it becomes to seduce her. This is a universal truth. Most men make the foolish mistake of thinking if I wait longer and get to know her better my chances will become better. It never worked and it won't start working now. In fact, women get pissed off if you don't move in right away. First they think that there's something wrong with them, then they switch to there's something wrong with you. Don't let this happen. For sure to score buy Instant Seduction, The Art of Charming Women, Overcome Approach Anxiety.


  • What's my order status?

    Order status. Have questions regarding shipping or orders please call 203-341-0764 or send an email using the contact form.

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