January 17th, 2018


You may have heard me discuss this before. It comes from Agency tests on
gaining power and control over women. So let’s give credit where credit is
due. The power move works like this.
Slowly and incrementally over time you begin to tell a woman to do things
for you, things that she was going to do anyway. For example, if you know
she is just about ready to open a car door, you might say something like
“why don’t you open the car door”. If she’s going to sit down say “Hey, sit
down”. Basically, you initially start by telling her to do things that you know
she was planning to do anyway.
In this way, she gets used to your telling her what to do, but not annoyed
since these are things she intended to do regardless.
Then move on to asking for small things…like “Do you have a pencil” or
“Can you grab my coat.” Or “hand me that” or “hand me this”….Slowly
continue building up the amount of commands she will follow. Eventually
she will follow any command you ask of her or do anything you request, all
within reason of course. This power move has not only been tested, but has
also worked on 100% of the women tested.

CIA De-classified Experiment 2121 - (Women’s Reactions)

1000 women were promised a moderately priced watch by 1000 men.
A different group of 1000 women were promised very expensive watches by
another group of 1000 men.
The first 1000 men bought the women the moderately priced watches, while
the second group of 1000 men delivered absolutely nothing.
When all 2000 women were surveyed (without their knowledge of
course)…the women who got the moderately priced watches all said that
their boyfriends were cheap. The women who got nothing, all claimed that
their boyfriends were the most generous men in the world.
How do we explain this?
The ladies who received the inexpensive watches all knew they had received
cheap watches. The proof was around their wrists. So, the guys were
obviously cheap. However, the ladies who received nothing, continued to
believe that their boyfriends would eventually follow through with their
fantasy “dream” gift of a very beautiful expensive watch. The need to
believe that they were worthy of such a beautiful expression of desire made
them not only cling to, but believe that their boyfriends were generous men.

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