Body Language is Key

Body Language is Key

July 5th, 2017


There's no question that having the right body language can project a sense
of self-confidence when you're talking to women. Today I am going to teach
you a few tricks on how to use “confident body language” to help you attract
the women you desire.

1) Broad smile
Have a broad smile on your face. As a beginner, try to aim for what I call a
“baby smile”. Smile openly and sincerely like a baby. Later on, you'll be
able to tone it down to a more serious “James Bond” kind of smile. For now
though, stick to the baby smile. It will help get you the kind of attention you

2) Relax your facial muscles
Make sure that your whole face is relaxed. (Even your smile should be
relaxed.) If you show any kind of tension on your face, women are going to
know you're nervous. Practice relaxing your facial muscles in the mirror.
Smile and tighten your cheeks, hold for a few seconds, and then release.
Do this 10 times every day.

3) Strong eye contact
Make sure you keep strong eye contact with the person you're talking to.
Looking at the ground conveys shyness and submissiveness - which is NOT
the message you wish to convey. It helps if you try to look “past” the
woman's eyes and gaze into her soul.

4) Don't break eye contact upon meeting
When you first meet a woman, don't break eye contact until she does. This
will demonstrate your masculinity and your status as an alpha male.

5) Keep palms open.
Keep your palms open or only slightly closed when you're with a woman.
Do not clinch them into fists. Don't stick them into your pockets or hold onto
your shirt or jacket.

6) Stand with feet wider apart.
Stand with your feet wider apart than you usually do. Open up, take up more
room, and be “grounded”.

7) Lift up your chest
Expose your chest like a soldier. It is a sign of the alpha male. The alpha
male proudly shows off his chest as a symbol of dominance. The beta male
tries to cover it up because
opening up makes him feel vulnerable.

8) Slow down your breathing
Slow down your breathing. Breathe EASY! Breathe from your rib cages, not
from your chest.

9) Shoulders up
Keep your shoulders up without tightening them. Don't hunch. Hunching is
often perceived as a sign of having low self-esteem. Always stand tall and
walk tall!

10) Move slower
Move slowly using broad movements. Make sure all of your movements are
slow and relaxed. Don't have any kind of fast, “flaming” movements or any
“jerky” movements that are often associated with insecurity.

11) Lean forward…and then lean back.

When you talk to a woman, lean forward when the conversation is going
well. When you periodically lean forward, you appear to be more engaged or
interested in what she’s saying at that particular moment. But don't stay in
that position the whole time, you also want to lean back some times to “let
go of the tension and looked relaxed”.

12) Take up room
Take up as much room as you can when you sit, stand and walk. If you have
trouble opening up, do the following exercise. Imagine yourself as a
roughneck and think how they move. Do the same.

13) Invade people's personal space
Don't be afraid of moving into a woman's personal space. Keep getting
closer and closer to her. It'll show that you're not afraid. But of course, if you
find that this makes her uneasy, back off a little and give her the space she

14) Touch people
Touch women on the elbow casually when you laugh at their jokes. Don't be
afraid to hug a woman when the opportunity arises.

15) Have purpose
Have purpose in your life and know what you're going after. And, climb up
the social hierarchy ladder. Acting like an alpha male can help you project
the right body language naturally.

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