April 20th, 2017



All right, what’s the very first thing you have to do in this game? Right – you’ve got to pick
out something female to seduce. Let’s say you’ve done that. You know who you want. You’ve
got the girl all lined up that you want and you’re ready to start talking to her.
Great. Do it.
Start talking. The subject doesn’t matter. No matter what you use to catch her attention, there
is something of vital importance you must do to make certain you keep her attention. And that
thing is, you must not let her make any decisions. Let me repeat that just to make certain you
heard it in every part of your mind:
You must not let her make any decisions.
In fact, let me repeat it again:
You must not, under any circumstances, let her make any decisions.
And now, let me refine that thought. You must not let her make any decisions for you. Yes,
she can decide which hand she’s going to hold her fork in, but she’s not going to tell you how to
eat. Period. Never. Not once.
I know I’m repeating myself, but let’s make sure we’ve cleared up the greatest feminist
fallacy once and for all. No matter what you’ve seen in the media or heard on “Oprah,” women
don’t want to think about things. They do not want to be in charge; they do not want to make up
their minds, and they certainly, above all else, do not want any man they can boss around.
Women want to be told what to do. They want someone to take them in hand and make their
decisions for them – all of them. The more they protest that they don’t, the more desperately they
need someone to do exactly that. Don’t believe anything different.
Now, how do you do this? You start from the beginning and you never let up. For instance,
when you first ask your intended cutie out, you don’t say: “Would you like to go out tonight?”

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