New Year New Women more Fun!!

New Year New Women more Fun!!

January 11th, 2017

There is actually a place for both. But, listen carefully here. You’ve all heard
the expression “Nice guys finish last”? Well, not only is it true, but there’s a
reason. Nice guys make good friends, and that’s just fine. But, most women
are not looking for friends. They are looking for mates. And, it is the hard
edge that separates the mate from the friend. Now don’t get me wrong…..A
tough guy can still be a “nice guy” but unless she has seen your hard edge,
more likely than not, the nice guy image will be interpreted as weakness.
Nice and weak does not get a woman turned on and aroused. In order to
ignite passion, you need some form of friction and keeping everything nice
and easy doesn’t do it. You will hear me repeat over and over again to keep
things off balance, to keep her guessing. Consider it a mating dance that
keeps the interest alive and the juices flowing. Unfortunately, when it comes
to “nice” most of us can take it or leave it. So, if you are a nice guy, make
sure you show her the hard edge first. Then she’ll appreciate (and maybe
even fall in love with) your softer side and NEVER mistake it for weakness.

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