December 26th, 2016

The most powerful kisses open up the romantic and sexual channels. Hands,
hair, eyes, cheeks, the tip of the nose hit different nerve receptors. So, they
are great precursor’s to anything that you wish to come next……like
Kissing: this is how to kiss a woman (this is not opinion this is scientific
fact) when most men kiss a women they use the tip of their tongue- wrong:
Right way: use the flat top of your tongue. That is where all the taste buds
are and this creates chemical bonding. Also use your tongue to sort of brush
her teeth this causes different nerve receptors to go off.
Here are a couple of kissing techniques that you can use. Remember to vary
them to keep things exciting!
1) Kissing Technique:
Kiss her lightly between the eyes, then on the tip of the nose, and finally on
the lips.
2) Kissing Technique: Top And Bottom
Kiss her on her top lip, then the bottom lip, and finally both.
3) Kissing Technique: Lick Her Lightly
Run the tip of your tongue slowly along your girl's lips.
4) Kissing Technique: Kiss Her Earlobes
Gently kiss, nibble, and suck on her earlobe. This trick can drive a woman
5) Kissing Technique: Kiss Her Neck
Trace the sides of her neck with your lips and tongue.
6) Kissing Technique: Front of Neck
Kiss the front of her neck with your lips and tongue.
7) Kissing Technique: Tease And Deny
Kiss her everywhere but her lips, until she pulls you to her lips. You can also
use this trick on other sensitive spots. For example, you can tease one of her
nipples by kissing AROUND it until you finally kiss it.
8) Kissing Technique: The Sensual Kiss
Look in her eyes and whisper you want to kiss her. Press your lips gently to
hers, caress her lips with yours and give her a passionate kiss.
9) Kissing Technique: Forehead Rub
Rub your forehead with your girl gently and kiss her.
10) Kissing Technique: Nose Rub

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