Show her you are imperfect:

Show her you are imperfect:

November 30th, 2016

Show her you are imperfect:
Make mistakes and say “well I screwed up” or things like “I thought I was
right, but I was wrong.” By allowing her to see that you are imperfect, it
gives her permission to be imperfect too. And let’s face it, no one is right all
of the time.
Allow her to occasionally see your vulnerabilities:
Everyone is afraid to let someone else see them in a vulnerable position.
However, the best way to get a woman to let her hair down and open up to
you is when she is not putting up walls to hide her vulnerabilities. She is
more likely to share her own weaknesses with you if you’ve already shared

one of yours with her. It will make her feel less afraid of rejection. Which
brings us to the next strategy…….Never, ever criticize or judge her when
she’s just shared a weakness or fear. That is the time to be supportive and
bolster her ego.

Never criticize:

Criticism serves no one. It only brings up defenses and distances you from
your target women.

Penetrate her:

Penetrate in any way possible, this creates more sexual opportunities than
you can count. Feed her by hand, or fork or spoon. If she smokes, put a
cigarette in her mouth. Put your fingers between her fingers. Any type of
penetration will subconsciously get a women turned on - big time. Getting a
finger into her mouth will get her turned on big time

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