October 24th, 2016

There's no such thing as "the right thing to say" to a woman... you can ask
people all day for advice on what you should talk about with women when
you approach them and every response you get will be the wrong one... even
if it's coming from the mouth of Don Juan or Casanova themselves. Stop
searching for the right thing to say and just talk. The belief that players and
other types of ladies men are successful with women because they "say the
right things" is a myth... total bullshit... its non-existent. They get women
because nothing is holding them back from simply saying whatever they
want, and it's their ability to do this that makes them attractive... not the
specific words that come out of their mouths.
 You want to get over your fear and have the ability to walk up to ANY
woman without worries.

What prevents men from being successful with women?
 The list is long... but one of the top reasons on the list is FEAR.  Lots of
men find fault with every woman they meet.  She’s too fat too thin, too tall
too short, too blond not blond enough, there are many reasons we can be put
off by a woman but did you ever consider that its easier to find fault with
someone than to wait around long enough to let them find fault with you.
Maybe you didn’t even realize that you were operating from a premise of
fear when you acted out in a critical way. But that is often a manifestation of
your fear.  Men often jump to another emotion. Hide behind some kind of
defense, they’d rather be with no one at all than settle, they say to
themselves, but that just keeps you alone.  And usually the hottest babe has
no need to reject the dozens of men who are hitting on her – just to wait for
you to have the courage to ask her out.  Guys are often critical to the point
that they reject someone before they have the chance be rejected.

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