October 3rd, 2016

As the man you must be the one to set the wheels of seduction into motion.
Whenever you are on assignment, you will always be given an appropriate
background and fabricated history to help you achieve entry, introduction or
achieve your goals. But, once in the door, your personal male prowess,
extensive training in seduction, initiative, and creative approach become the
tools of your trade. So don’t be intimidated because there are other men
around you. Remember, you really have the edge. You have been selected
and trained to succeed, now just relax and do it!  No agency member would
be asked to use a gun without extensive training, and you would not be here
if you weren’t trained to seduce your target, so just initiate action and give it
your best shot.
Women love to be courted.  Regardless of what you may have been told
before or what you believe, it is your job to initiate seduction.  You can pick
up signals from a woman that she is ready, and interested, another words
ready, willing and able, but if you don’t initiate action, chances are, nothing
will happen.
If by some chance you pick up the wrong signals and find she’s not
interested, her natural instinct will be to show you that disinterest. You can
either persist telling her she’s the most beautiful woman for you and you
can’t take your eyes off of her, or you can simply cut your losses and move
on looking for someone else. More likely than not, you will be better off
moving on.  It is always easier to start anew than it is to dig your way out of
an existing hole.
Don’t feel timid about making the first move.  You’re on a mission and time
counts.  Most men have been conditioned to believe that being the aggressor
is politically incorrect.  However, it is probably one of the most natural
things for men to do and they have been doing it successfully since the
beginning of time. Men are by nature hunters. Men seek opportunities and
then make them happen. And history has shown us again and again that
women respond positively to strong, powerful and confident men. It is in
part these strengths and your positive, confident demeanor that has made
you a likely candidate for covert agency work; one worth the time and
money that will or has already been invested to train you to do your job well.

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