September 28th, 2016


1- SMILE. Remember to smile constantly; while your talking, while your
observing, while your doing just about anything. I cannot stress this rule
enough; smiling is the most powerful weapon in any player's arsenal. It let's
the women know that your probably a fun guy to be around and someone
they would like to know or be involved with. This single rule alone can
improve your success with women by over 100%, use it wisely. Women will
think that you genuinely like them and are happy to be with them.  If you
don’t smile, but exhibit some other emotion she may take it personally,
perhaps the wrong way. But a smile is always well received.

2- While kicking game to women, remember repeat her name often. It's
like music to a woman’s ears. For example "So where are you from,
Heather?" instead of "Where are you from?” This makes a woman feel that
she’s an individual, not another pretty face. Very often in conversation we
get consumed with thoughts, ideas, and food choices, etc and we become
disconnected from each other as we are engaged in thought. When you use
her name, she automatically reconnects with herself and thereby with you.
You will see it in her mannerisms as her body language changes and she
becomes more focused on you.

3- Always compliment women and they will always feel good about you, but
don't overdo it or they will think you’re just trying to score points (which
you are, but you don't want them to know that). Try to sound sincere and
give her a unique compliment on something that most people will
overlook.  You have a great smile, you have beautiful eyes, you have soft
skin, etc. Always stagger compliments. Never be consistent. Never let her
know when she’s getting one and never over do it. Scientific studies have
proven in both dog training and dolphin training that when dogs or dolphins
are rewarded every time for doing something good they cease to respond to
the reward or their trainer. Women are no different.

4- Always change the amount of attention you give her. For instance: Give
her your undivided attention for an extended period of time one day, and
appear to be too busy to even talk to her the next. This will drive her crazy
and you will be on her mind the entire day. She will be wondering if she said
or did something wrong and she will become much more interested in you
because she won't be able to think about anything else.

5- Ever wonder why you never leave a club with a woman you've just met?
Women at clubs tend to be 100% more attracted to the men on the dance
floor, even if they don't dance well or are less attractive than the men
sitting/standing around. Women will think you’re there to get laid not to
dance.  If they see that you are genuinely there to dance they’ll figure you’re
a guy who genuinely goes out to have fun not to get lucky. Learn to dance!

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