September 19th, 2016


In controlled experiments when a woman feels needed she reacts more
strongly than wanted.
For example: when you say to a woman “ I need you to” could be anything “
I need you to come with me to a wedding or any social function will have
more impact than I want you or would you like. CONCLUSION: women
cannot resist the need to be needed. “Need” also personalizes the request.
It makes her feel that you need “her” to do it, not just anyone. When
you “want” something done, it appears less personal and comes off like
a request that can be filled by anyone willing to do the job.
The basic raw instinct of women is they will be attracted to someone who
makes them feel good about themselves. And women feel good about
themselves when they are needed by a strong and confident man.
How do you get women to feel this way?
You get them to do things for you.
How do you get women to do things for you?
Tell her what you want.
If you have the guts to tell her what you want her do, she will recognize your
guts (which translates into strength) and she will do it.


Tell her to give you a credit reference.
Tell her to make a phone call for you.
Tell her to look over a letter for you. You can spike the letter with things that
may spark her curiosity.
Tell her when you are taking her to dinner. Do not ask.
Example: Telling her to “get undressed” is more effective than asking her
“would you please get undressed” One has sexuality written all over it, the
other insecurity.
“Take off your clothes” in a strong calm voice while looking straight into
her eyes, touching her body, while maybe stroking her shoulder makes her
feel desired. She will know and feel you becoming aroused, and this will put
you in control.  It’s what you want.
A woman loves to please her man.  And, it is her natural instinct to fight to
keep and protect him.

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