Make Her A Part Of Your Life

Make Her A Part Of Your Life

September 6th, 2016


Take her into your world. Introduce her to your favorite activities. Take her
to your favorite restaurants and make her watch your favorite movies. Bring
her to the places you like to go and play the music that you like to hear.
Make her part of your world.  Don’t attempt to become part of hers. When
you blend, you begin to lose the individuality that probably attracted
her to you in the first place. If you become too immersed in her world, it
will probably end up losing you the woman. NOTE: Even if she hates your
world, it will not change the fact that she finds you attractive.


Women love mystery. Do whatever is possible to always remain a bit
Have private phone conversations that she is aware of. Meet people where
she isn’t welcome. If you speak a foreign language that she doesn’t
understand, conduct a phone call in that language.  Don’t discuss business
with her. Tell her to leave the room. Have private meetings with men only. If
she calls, tell her you’re in a meeting and can’t talk, and hang up. If she calls
shortly thereafter, don’t answer the phone.
Don’t think these things will go by unnoticed. They will definitely bother
her. But they will bother her because she wants to be a part of your entire
life and is feeling left out. So, even though she might be annoyed, she will
work harder at gaining access to more of your world.
The next time you see her be positive and upbeat. Remember, she should
never think that your distance has anything to do with her. If she inquires
about the meeting, tell her everything went great!


The feelings of passionate, obsessive love, of being in love or infatuated, as
well as elation, heightened energy, focused attention, obsessive thinking, and
intense craving when she can’t stop thinking about you, is all related to the
brains elevated production of the chemicals dopamine, norepinephrine, and
serotonin. All these hormones are released during great passionate sex.
Dopamine is the fundamental neurotransmitter associated with romantic
Norepinephrine along with dopamine will create infatuation.
Serotonin is the pathway by which Dopamine and Norepinephrine can
become active. Without serotonin in the brain a person would feel depressed.
Seminal fluid contains dopamine and norepinephrine which is one of the
reasons women feel that “afterglow” or intense feeling of warmth and
passion for you after you’ve had sex. It is also the reason that women who
have regular intercourse (without a condom) are less depressed.
Testosterone is the hormone of desire that naturally attracts women to you.
Oxytocin and Vasopressin are associated with romantic love, and
These hormones are the “satisfaction” hormones (the cuddle chemicals) and
the reason people feel very warm as they make love, and often sense a very
cosmic union with one another.
The act of having sex with a woman will cause her to have increased
feelings for you.  It will intensify her interest in you. This intensified interest
is in great part a result of activated chemicals released in a woman’s’ body
during intercourse.
She will yearn for you.
A woman’s orgasm will also heighten her interest in having sex again and
again.  A man who causes a woman to climax gives her reason to believe he

cares enough about her pleasure and satisfying her. It is also true that the
more intense the orgasm the more likely she’ll be back for more.


OK, stop rolling your eyes thinking oh shit…here it comes. Foreplay is not
what most men think or have read about…. 4 or 5 basic moves during the
10-20 minutes leading up to your orgasm. Foreplay starts way before the
notion of the bedroom even occurs to a woman. Foreplay is SEDUCTION.
Seduction begins with your first encounter, introduction, phone call, chance
meeting. And just as an orgasm intensifies as it progresses, so does a
woman’s desire for sex intensify as your seduction techniques continue to hit
her during your time together. So the sooner you get started the hotter she
will be.
The only logical conclusion then is that your seduction skills are crucial
since the more sexually satisfied a woman is, the more likely she is to
become your greatest, most loyal ally and even support your actions to
achieve your goals in your target community.
What happens when a woman gets that special feeling from you?
If she feels special because of what you do and say to her, and most
importantly what you make her feel about herself, which is unique,
beautiful, sexy and desirable, she will do anything you ask her to do. Why?
This is true because women get addicted to the feeling of being in love.
Remember, for Black Op, Psy-Op, CIA and any covert operatives, women
are such vital assets to assimilate into target communities, that if you can
move quickly to get a woman to fall head over heels in love with you; you
will have a naïve but willing partner.
Your woman will become one of your greatest information gathering assets.
Your woman will use her sexual allure to get info from other men.
Your woman will be able to set people up to create an advantageous

Your woman will be able to destroy men for you.
Your woman will be able to create diversions for you.
Your women will feed you and house you.
Your woman will...
The list is endless.
Why would a woman be so willing to do all this for you?  Because you bring
excitement into her life like she’s never had before and probably will never
have again.
On an assignment, covert operatives must move quickly. You’ll have no
time to hem and haw, no time to wonder if she likes you, no concern as to
whether she thinks you’re good looking enough, no time to wonder what she
thinks of you, ruminate over what she said,  if she’s going to return your
phone call of if you’ll ever get a date with her. She is not your goal, she is
the vehicle to your goal.
If you lose your chances with one woman, you must move onto the next.
This is war.
Use romance to get her to focus her attention on you, obsessively think
about only you and get her to crave you emotionally and physically. When
you get her motivated to win you over, you have her working for you.

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