August 31st, 2016


Watch a man with high status--Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or the CEO
where you work--and you'll notice that he moves differently than the rest of
us. He gives off vibes that he is hot stuff, and because of that, women get
soaking wet over him.
You, too, can create that aura that makes you attractive to women.
Have you ever noticed the way your friends look when they're all nervous?
They're looking down at the ground with their arms crossed, fidgeting, with
their voices cracking and their eyes bugged out.
And when you give off that kind of body language yourself, women don't
want to be around you.
Now, think about successful guys. They've got girls all over them and some
great body language going on.
So, what's the number one secret between those high status guys and the low
status guys? You've probably guessed it... the alpha males are relaxed and in
control when it comes to social situations.
Make no mistake about it... relaxation is the most important mental state for
you to be in.
With that in mind, here are some pointers for you to develop the mind set
and body language of an alpha male (and by the way, if you think they're
easy, you're right... you can make these changes as early as tonight and have
even the hottest girls clamoring for your attention).
1. Don't allow yourself to feel worried. Just let your worries go, since you
can't solve any problem by worrying. So suck it up, and quit thinking about
what might go wrong. Just live life.
Now, I know what I just said is easier said than done (to use an old--but
relevant in this case--cliché). You've spent your whole life up until now
dwelling on thoughts that make you feel worried.
But what is this emotion we call "worry"? When you think about it, it's
simply the fear of what might happen in the future. Essentially you're
punishing yourself by feeling upset before anything bad has happened. It
makes no logical sense to worry!
So the solution is to avoid contemplating your worrisome thoughts. Identify
them for what they are... toxic to your emotional state, and let them go.
By refusing to dwell on negative things that make you feel upset, you will
reduce your worries by 90%.

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